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Long lasting celebration..

Written on February 3, 2009 by Kevin.

Rylan and Kaitlyn's mom had her birthday on Saturday but it seems to have extended more than just the day. The past week has been filled with festive dinners out as her grandmother came in to town.The kids have been heading out with us and having a great time. Unfortunately Kaitlyn has been sick and Rylan is now catching it as well but their spirits are high and Rylan knows how to have a good time. We headed out to an Irish restaurant on Friday where Rylan got to jam out on his air guitar and drums along side the band that played just in front of us. The whole table was having a great time at the hands of Rylan's master playing skills.

We celebrates their mom's birthday on Saturday by having 2 sets of grandparents come over. I cooked up a meal for both events which turned out to be the same thing both times. It was that good. The kids got her a nice birthday card and Rylan even wrote his name in it this year. Sunday evening we had another party with her family back over again. We had the typical meal plus cake and ice cream. It was another long night of fun.


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