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Pizza Poppers - Get one before their gone...

Written on February 16, 2009 by Kevin.

My wife started a few weeks ago making small tiny pizzas for the kids. They have turned out to be the best things for an easy snack or lunch. We use premade dough from Fresh and Easy, a bit of pizza sauce and a single pepperoni. These bake for the normal time. Once out, resist the urge to eat them right away.

The kids gobble these things up like it's their last meal. In fact, these are a hit for all of us. I came home the other day in hopes of grabbing a few to snack on and when I found none, I was certainly not pleased. The kid's had apparently eaten an entire batch. Those pesky kids. :)


Get one before THEY'RE gone...

Written by Erica on Feb 22, 2009

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