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Week in Review

Written on February 6, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well Kaitlyn and I would like to say we have had a wonderful time this week while all of moms family is in town but to be honest, we have all been feeling pretty cruddy. Kaitlyn and I are just getting over our coughing fits and now mom and dad are sick too. It's crazy I tell ya.

We did have fun though in between coughs. We had a chance to see one of our cousins that we rarely get to see. She was nice and we had fun outside one of the restaurants playing with each other. Kaitlyn joined in too and was running around.

We had plans of doing our first craft show of the new year but with all of us being sick we decided not too. Mom has been working on an entirely new product line because they changed to avoid that CSPCIA which has now been changed to give crafters another year. They decided to push onwards with the new product lines and see how things work out. The website is still being converted over and it looks much different but we all like it a lot.

Oh ya, it was our moms birthday last Saturday and we had a lot of fun. We gave her a card that had bugs on it. I got to write my name it in too! We gave her the best gift of all, hugs and kisses. We may have given her a bit of silence too which I know she likes at times.

That sums up the week. Have a great weekend everyone.


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