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Week in Review

Written on February 13, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Another week has come to an end. This week our big fun was heading over to our new cousin Makenzie's house. She is about a month old now and sure is a cutey. Kaitlyn likes playing with her toes and I, well I really would rather play with the toys at her house instead. We headed over there with pizza to share with Hayden. Mom made Makenzie's mom a sling for her to use. Mom uses her sling with Kaitlyn all of the time so we know Mackenzie is going to like it a lot.

Last weekend we went over to our grandma and grandpa's house. They have some new Mega Blocks which I played with for hours. Grandma is a great builder and sure knows how to show me all of the cool ways to build. It was raining that day so we didn't get to leave their house but it was fun anyways. It even hailed a little bit which was pretty neat.

This week we even went out to dinner with Grandpa Fredrick. Mom packed up a bento box for the both of us and we headed out. Kaitlyn ended up eating all of her ketchup that mom packed. She loves that stuff. She eats it by the handful. She is pretty weird. Mom picked out a special shirt for her yesterday that she was super happy about. It was an Eve shirt from the movie Wall-E. Mom even made her special bows to go with it that had little Eve clay figures on them. It was really really neat and she did a great job on them.

I don't know what we have planned for this weekend. Maybe Kaitlyn and I will need to decide. Oh maybe we will go to the library! We really like going there. Until next week, have a good weekend.


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