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Review of Bella Sara Miniatures and Card Packs

Written on March 4, 2009 by Kevin.

I was recently invited to review a product that I had never seen before. Bella Sara has treasure cards and now they have introduced their miniature series as well. Their cards include mystical pictures of horses of all types and they provide you an online code to use at their website so that you can show everyone just how much money you have spent. These are the girly version of Webkinz I suspect.

I received a few packs of cards and miniatures in the mail the other day. I broke them open and it included a few cards, a sheet of tattoos and a sheet of stickers. The most fun came when I opened the pack of horses though. These horses are certainly miniature. So miniature that they are now in our trash as they are not rated for children under 5. If you are a parent concerned about the chemicals that are inside of your children's toys, I recommend looking further into these. After you open the pack of miniature horses you will be hit with a very strong plastic(?) smell. It was definitely a red flag worth noting.

While I love receiving freebies, I am not going to recommend these. As a parent, I would be concerned about the possible chemicals. As for the trading cards and online play, I would again not recommend these. Call me an evil parent but I don't know if I could support getting our kids into something like this or Webkinz. I can see how children would want to continue purchasing packs to compete with friends. The screaming fits are something I could live without.


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