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Week in Review

Written on March 20, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well this week has been pretty neat. Definitely the highlight is that our Mom has been making both of us new things to wear. The things that she makes for Kaitlyn are a bit funny at times but boy are they cute. I think Kaitlyn likes wearing the outfits that Mom designs just as much as I do. She made me a full Donald outfit which I am super happy about and just yesterday she made me a shirt with a huge guitar on it. She even made one for Kaitlyn too. Boy are they neat.

Dad has been working hard lately making a great list of new safe recipes for us to try. He has a lot of things lined up to try. We made pretzels together yesterday. He made the dough and then we sat down and made the pretzels themselves. It was a bit hard so I just ended up making tiny balls. They were yummy just the same though. I think our Mom and Dad are going to eat them up faster than we can. Dad has actually been doing a lot of cooking lately and he made something pretty neat the other night. He mashed a few recipes into one and came up with what he calls 'Hunky Beefcakes'. He used silicone cupcake holders and then filled them with a biscuit and a meatloaf mix. They really turned out looking like cupcakes which is where the name came from. He finished them off with ketchup and mustard frosting. The name may be funny but they were pretty tasty.

An update on our stalker... she is still around but luckily hasn't been knocking on our door or looking through our window. Yesterday though she did just stand outside our door as we headed in. She is pretty darn creepy.

Kaitlyn brought it to my attention and I had to agree that my hair was getting pretty crazy. Dad and I headed off yesterday to get it cut. I've had a bunch of hair cuts but they still scare me a bit. I was not interested in wearing the cape so I ended up getting hair on my new shirt but it was ok. The haircut turned out great. Of course when the lady asked how I liked my hair I told her "I look cute.". :)

Oh another big thing that happened this week was we finally got our cd player installed into the van. We now can jam out to the classic kid songs. Dad could be happier about it but he enjoys us singing the songs. Kaitlyn enjoys singing the "Do Re Mi..." song and I have a few favorites as well but I cannot remember them right now. I think the songs are helping Kaitlyn a bunch because she is starting to say sentences now. We will definitely be singing this weekend because we are heading out to see our Grandpa Paul and Grandma Debra. It should be fun.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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