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Week in Review

Written on April 17, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well of course this weeks best thing was celebrating Easter. Our Mom and Dad decided to let us have our baskets actually on Saturday which was nice. Kaitlyn got a few of her new favorite audio CDs and I got a movie. Most importantly though we got a bunch of candy which was really great. As planned we bounced off the walls for a few hours. We celebrated Easter at our grandparents house and it was fun. We were surprised when our grandparents and even one of our great Aunt's gave us a few gifts as well. We really liked doing the Easter egg hunt this year too. It really was a nice Easter but it sure was exhausting. Thanks Grandma for having a safe Easter meal that turned out perfect.

The unfortunate discovery of the week has been that Kaitlyn is a biter. She had bitten mom a week or so ago and then just yesterday she bit me. She bit me really hard. She had to go on her naughty spot for a long time because she would not tell me sorry and give me a hug. Eventually she did though and I forgive her.

Our mom has been learning a bunch of new safe techniques on how to make great looking cakes. We decided that because it was our Grandma Tina's birthday this week we would make her a cake. I got a chance to help make the actual cake and then help decorate it as well. We use a safe homemade fondant that is really easy to work with and looks very professional. Mom has made only 2 cakes with it and she already is making million dollar cakes. Our neighbor now wants one for her birthday. I think our Grandma Tina really appreciated it and boy did it taste good.

Oh before we let you go. Our dad noticed yesterday that our seeds are already starting to sprout. There are poking through the soil and they look so cute and tiny. I think that the garden will be really alive in another week or so. Until then.. have a good weekend everyone!


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