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Week in Review

Written on April 24, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

This week has been a week of imagination. Kaitlyn has been making telephones out of her bristle blocks which is always fun. We all have conversations and it's pretty funny. She sure is a chatter box when she gets on those phones. I have been pretending to give hair cuts to everyone. Just yesterday I was telling Kaitlyn how crazy her hair was and how she needed a haircut. I don't know why she was running away though. When I cut my dad's hair he turned out just fine.

Last weekend we headed to one of the craft shows we used to sell at. The weather is getting really hot but we made the trip anyways and it sure turned out to be great. Our mom's friend Karlee Fuchs gave us each a new bag and even our mom got some scrap fabrics. She makes some neat bags and we definitely appreciate them. Kaitlyn's of course had doggies on it while mine had Spiderman.

Well not only has the weather been warming up, so has the naughty spot over here. I haven't been too nice lately and I have been getting into a lot of trouble. Kaitlyn has had her fair share of naughty spot visits too. I think that we need to start having singing and dancing time again. That was a great way to blow off the extra energy we build up throughout the day.

We have been having a lot of fun in our new garden. The seeds are growing really big and really fast. We have had a couple of the big plants already go away but we are hopeful that they will return. Our backyard may be tiny but it gives us a decent place to ride our tricycles and color with chalk. Dad gave us a covered area and everything so it helps a bit when the hot Arizona sun is beating down. Maybe one day we can have a water fight!

Oh definitely a big thing happened this week. After a long investigation our mom has determined that Oreos are safe for Kaitlyn. They may be allergy safe but they are not safe from making a huge mess. Kaitlyn is a very messy Oreo eater I would have to say.

We had a chance to watch that Marley and Me movie with our papa Fredrick the other day and this weekend we get to go to the movies our Papa Paul and Grandma Debra. I think we are going to go see Hotel for Dogs. It should be a good time I think.

That's gonna wrap it up. We need to get some lunch and check on our garden. Have a fun weekend everyone.


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