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Week in Review

Written on May 1, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Last weekend we had lunch with our Grandpa Paul and Grandma Debra. They are heading out of town for the summer so we wanted to see them before they drove up north. We had a good lunch with them and then we headed over to see that Hotels for Dogs movie. They weren't able to come and it's probably a good thing because even though the movie was filled with dogs, it wasn't too good.

Our garden is getting really active now. We have seeds that are growing really really well. We have had to toss a few plants that weren't able to survive the hot and beating sun but we have replaced them with different things to try again. Last night we picked up a lemon tree which should be pretty neat. We also picked up some plant food which hopefully will keep these plants healthy. They garden is definitely turning into a great place to be and play at.

When our Dad got the cd player into the car, we started listening to more of the kid song music. It has been a lot of fun and we both sing along really well. We both really like our ABCs song and even Kaitlyn is saying them now. Kaitlyn got a Choo Choo Soul CD for Easter and we are both loving that one too.

That's gonna wrap it up. Have a safe weekend everyone!


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