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Week in Review

Written on June 5, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well this week we celebrated our Grandma Michele's birthday. Mom made a meal for us all and we had dinner together. We gave her a few gifts and now Kaitlyn and I are really anxious for our own birthdays. We like getting gifts and opening them.

Our garden is doing so well now. Our sunflowers are about to start showing some big flowers. We have a few marigolds that have already started showing. We picked up a few tomato plants and are looking forward to eating them when they come in. Our lemon tree is growing too which is nice. Of course with the nice plants is coming the bugs. Mom and dad quickly found out that we are being attacked by milkweed bugs. They had to do a bit of spraying last night to help keep them and other buggies away. It was becoming a wild jungle out there.

We never really thought about it until yesterday but mom thought Kaitlyn had never had a hamburger before. Dad went ahead and made them for dinner. She didn't really go for it though but I think it was because our dad made them too thick and dry. He says that he is rusty because he hasn't grilled in so long. He did make a great meal the other night though. He made Coca Cola chicken which turned out pretty tasty. I think I can go for it again soon. Dad and I did make a bit of food together the other day too. We made a banana blueberry bread which was fun to make but I wasn't up for eating it like everyone else. I am very touchy when it comes to seeds so it wasn't my thing at all but it was certainly fun to help make.

The weather man says that it should be a bit cooler this weekend so hopefully that happens. It would be nice if it rained or at least was bearable outside. Have a good weekend everyone.


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