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High contrast image does it again.

Written on December 21, 2005 by Kevin.

Earlier this month, I made a post entitled, "High Contrast Fun" where I explained how well my images that I have printed out have worked with Rylan. He continues to love his mobile decorated in these images and recently we took it one step further and moved the image out to the car.

Rylan does pretty well in the car and will sleep or altbeast be calm for the majority of a trip but there are certainly days where this is not the case. Understanding that Rylan seems to be able to stare at these images for a long period of time, we figured it may work the same in the car. This time we printed out the Mickey Mouse image and tied it up so Rylan could look forward at it. Our findings show that this works well. Rylan can now focus on the image while we are driving and we notice that the reason why he is so quite is likely because he is gazing into the image. My wife thinks he stares at it simply because it is Mickey but I am not so certain of that.

We look forward to finding additional things that Rylan can focus on while we are driving or doing other necessary things. Any suggestions?


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