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Natures Cure

Written on December 6, 2005 by Kevin.

We have medicine to fix illness and massage to fix aching muscles, but ultimately, we have a babies smile to cure all. There are days at work that are stressful and days that are extremely boring. No matter what the day may hold however, I can always know that I will return home to a smile from my wife and baby. Rylan has been randomly smiling soon after his birth but just in the past 2 weeks he seems to be doing it in response to our actions. He enjoys the common exaggerated expressions that we throw his way and really enjoys the high contrast mobile that I made him. I think that all parents can agree that no matter how bad the fussing may get, when your baby smiles it totally changes your mood. It really can open your mind up and make you forget why you were so stressed out in the first place. A babies smile is truly one of natures cures. I can only imagine that a babies laugh has the same awesome power.

How can the face in the photo of the day not cause you to forget all of your worries?


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