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Changing Table Imagery

Written on January 3, 2006 by Kevin.

Red Poster on Wall
With the great success of high contrast images, we did a bit of shuffling around recently and decided to move his mobile downstairs. This change caused a lack of focal point when Rylan is on his changing table. My wife, being the scrapbooker that she is, thought of using some scrapbooking paper and putting it into a cheap frame.

Just estimating, the sheet of paper is about 2ft X 3 ft and provides Rylan something to look at while we are changing him. Sometimes he just isn't into looking at us while we change him so this really helps keep his focus. He does not seem to stair at it as deeply as he did with the mobile but for the price we paid, I think we will get our moneys worth. We had the plastic frame laying around so overall, this little project only cost us about $3.

Fatherhood is especially fun with all of these little projects you get to work on.


That is such a great idea! Now I can put some of that scrapbooking leftovers to good use! When my daughter was born, we purchased the Infantino Changing Table Baby Mirror Mobile which has really been a sanity saver! It mounts to the wall with a finishing nail and then folds down when in use and folds back up out of the way. It has three dangly aminals that squeek, multiple colors, and a mirror for the baby to admire themselves in. At 20 months, my daughter is STILL using it - more for the mirror than anything. We originally got it from One Step Ahead, but I'm not sure if they still have it or not. Check it out.

Written by Ca on Jan 3, 2006

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