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Week in Review

Written on January 20, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Carter, is my new friend. He sent me an email this week saying hello. He lives in Canada, eh. I am jealous now because he gets to go to Disneyland even younger than I was. I bet he will have a great time just like I did.

Last night, mommy and daddy setup a webcam so that me and my grandma can see each other. I get to see her in person though soon when she comes to town. It's been such a long time since she was here after I was born so she is in for a big surprise. I have grown so much. Heck, I am 3 months old now.

Did you see my dads post about the diaper origami? I like to think that without me, he never would have had the idea. Why does he take all of the credit? Phewy! or should i say Poo'ey!

I have mastered the art of falling asleep on my own. Whether it be in the crib, the car or in my swing, I fall asleep quickly now. My mom and dad love it as now they can eat without having to always hold me. I feel more independent now as well. Now I just need to get walking. Speaking of walking, I think that I will skip crawling and begin walking like a champ any day now. Yes I know that it is early but my legs are so strong. Right after I was born I was already pushing my way around the bassinet in the nursery. I can hold myself up for quite a long time and I just need to master this whole balance thing.

I think that is all for this week, hopefully me and Carter can become best of friends and exchange more emails soon.


Once you master early walking, you can walk over to grandmaís house with mommy and daddy to visit her, Iíll bet sheíd like that. If your grandma lives too far to walk you can just walk to the car and have your parents help you drive to grandmaís. Some kids as young as 7 years old and even a dog named Skip have driven, so I donít see why you canít be an expert driver by 7 months with some help from mommy and daddy.

Written by Jessica on Jan 22, 2006

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