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Diaper Origami

Written on January 16, 2006 by Kevin.

Changing your baby was never meant to be something you can look forward to. It's one of those things that just goes along with being a parent. I believe that whatever you can do to make changing time a little bit easier or more enjoyable, take full advantage of it. So with this thought, I have begun, diaper origami. Origami, the art of folding paper, takes on a new change with diaper folding. Here are 4 diaper folding techniques that I have mastered in the first 3 months of Rylan's life. A great man once said; in time, will come more.

Diaper OrigamiSnow Cone - A difficult folding technique that requires skill and patience. Quite possibly one of the most difficult folds which in turn does a great job at holding in its contents. The vision that something may be sitting on top of the cone is what makes this technique a popular one.

Diaper OrigamiSmall Package - This technique provides a very small compact finished product. You will likely be able to dispose of twice as many diapers in a garbage bag with this technique. What is kept within this small package can keep everyone guessing.

Diaper OrigamiThrowing Knife - Used for centuries now as a throwing knife to combat offending armies. It is not a fluke that diapers prepared like this caused bodily harm. The edges are razor sharp. Do not try this technique without proper guidance.

Diaper OrigamiSpace Ship/Boomerang - This technique has 2 names depending on where you live. The Aussies call this technique the Boomerang due to it's similarity. It too, can be used for a weapon. Other parts of the world simply relate this to a space ship. The diaper can certainly contain out of this world contents.

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What? No crane?

Written by Rob on Jan 17, 2006

Awesome!!! Dude, please give instructions!

Can you make one of those origami balloons?

Written by Jen on Jan 18, 2006

Hilarious! We usually do the space ship/boomerang form. Though one of the disappointing things about moving to daytime pull-ups is that pull-ups lack tabs, and therefore can't be folded up into neat little packages of any sort...

Written by Mrs. Coulter on Jan 18, 2006

I have plenty of time to learn new techniques and I will certainly be posting them when I gather a few. Look for a follow-up in a few months I suppose.

I'll gladly take suggestions. :)

Written by Kevin on Jan 18, 2006

Thats seems strange to me making thing out of dirty diapers. Do it reallly make changing more interesting.

Written by sherry on Jan 18, 2006

Yes it can make changing time a bit more interesting. There are always new techniques to try and master. Luckily Rylan keeps the diapers coming and gives me plenty of opportunity to fine tune my skills.

Written by Kevin on Jan 18, 2006

You sir, are a genius.

Written by BIYF on Jan 21, 2006

If you like folding disposable diapers so much you should give prefold cloth diapers a try - many more options open to you. And you can save money at the same time. :-)

Written by Sarah on Feb 5, 2006

Yes- you should see all the great ways you can fold up a cloth diaper AND they don't take 500 years to disintegrate!

Written by Clothmama on Feb 5, 2006

I agree - you should try folding some cloth diapers instead!

Written by Cloth Diapers on Oct 10, 2010

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