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Another yard sale find = more fatherly fun.

Written on February 13, 2006 by Kevin.

Two months prior to Rylan coming into this world, my wife and I were out garage sale hunting and we came across a wonderful rocking horse. The idea was to restore it by sanding it down and repainting parts of it. Overall, it turned out nicely. Now fast forward to this last weekend, we finally found the strength to get out of bed on a weekend and went hunting once again.

The first stop proved worthwhile as we picked up a great kids table for a whoppin $3. The picture below really gives a good idea on how big it is. It has 2 chairs that go with it and overall, is in good shape. Just like the rocking horse, I plan to restore this and even improve on it. Some work will need to be done to make sure its going to be able to hold up to a boy throwing it around.

The top of the table currently has some very faded alphabet and numbers displayed on it however that will soon be remedied with some quick work from my wife. She plans on covering the top with some form of Disney design and then sealing it for durability.

I will certainly be posting the progress, so keep an eye out for the finished product. It should be nice.


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