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Disney themed table and chairs - Update #1

Written on February 22, 2006 by Kevin.

Disney Mickey Mouse Childrens TableEarly last week, I mentioned that my wife and I found a great little table and chairs for Rylan to use when he gets a bit older. Our idea was to refinish it in a more personalized way. Seeing as my wife loves Disney and because she is the boss, we went with a Disney themed table and chairs.

I took the time to sand off the old varnish and just make it as smooth as possible but in the end, we covered the entire thing with paint. It took a bit to figure out exactly how we wanted to paint the table but utimately, we are very happy with the final product. My wife used as 12x12in scrapbook paper to place in the middle of the table with a simple Mickey Mouse sticker on it. Now here comes the fun part. Using Mod Podge, we glued and sealed the paper onto the table. In doing so, we encountered bubbles under the paper, lots of them. This was a challenge but in the end, the other end of a brush and some wax paper did the trick.

Two layers of Mod Podge and some varnish sealed this table up and it should now be ready to use. We are debating how to make sure that the surface does not get dinged up and are leaning towards a piece of thin plastic. Any suggestions that can be given would be greatly appreciated.

The chairs will be worked on in days to come and we will wrapping up this project soon hopefully. My wife and I are busy working on this project and already have others lined up. Parenting is certainly fun when you get to spend the time and make your child something special and unique. Next up, a wooden tool chest to go with his newly acquired wooden tools that we purchased at yet another garage sale.


Table looks great! Bet you can't wait til he can sit at by himself!

Written by Julie on Feb 22, 2006

I agree the table looks great!

You should refinish more garage sale kid tables or similar finds and sell them on e-bay to make some college money for Rylan.

That is if you can find time after family time, work and projects.

Written by Jessica on Feb 23, 2006

These projects certainly take a while to do. Selling a table with Mickey on it would probably get me in high waters with Disney as well. Furthermore, these types of tables are pretty hard to find, atleast with my experience.

Written by Kevin on Feb 23, 2006

Hey Kevin, if the table is made from a hardwood you don't need to worry too much about dings (like in a few months from now when the soup spoon gets repeatedly smashed against it). What is Mod Podge?

Written by Phil on Feb 23, 2006

Per the website: Mod PodgeŽ is the original all-in-one sealer, glue and finish. It's perfect for wood, paper, fabric, and other porous surfaces.

It seems to work well at glueing and sealing off the table. My wife has also used it recently to decorate a flower pot with scrap paper and to seal a photobox that she decorated for Rylan.

Written by Kevin on Feb 23, 2006

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