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Written on April 2, 2006 by Kevin.

My wife and I were spoiled when Rylan was born because we were still given the chance to go out to eat at a sit down restaurant. From what I understand, this is not always a luxury that many new parents get. Rylan would sleep through the noise without a hitch.

Now that Rylan has grown older and does not sleep nearly as much, this has certainly made it more difficult. I made a post a few months ago about a pretty disastrous attempt at eating out. I would say, the issue may have started around that time. Rylan now begins to get fussy once our food has arrived and we begin to eat. Up until this time, he will be great and playful but once the food comes, he flips a switch.

My question of the day is. Is Rylan waiting for the food to arrive before getting fussy, or do the waiters simply wait for him to become fussy before bringing out the food?

Regardless of the reason, it certainly makes having dinner more difficult. My wife or I will then need to keep Rylan occupied by bouncing him. Sitting down with Rylan appears to be a sin in his books and he begins to get fussy if you even think about doing so. How he knows this just blows me away.

Anyone have any tips? Besides taking your food to go that is...


Have you tried bringing him his own stash of food, yogurt, applesauce etc... stuff he likes. Then maybe bring a few kiddie books, non-noisy toys and stuff like that so he can keep himself occupied. Sometimes those magic pens will work too, they draw only on the special paper, not on the table and not on him.

Written by Gia on Apr 3, 2006

We certainly bring toys that Rylan enjoys to play with but after waiting 15-30 minutes for the food, he gets bored.

Unfortunately, all we could bring Rylan to eat would be rice cereal, vegetables or a bottle. Bottles can be given to him and with the help of the bottle sling, he can suck on it as he wants but that too gets boring for him. As for feeding him, that would interupt our eating just as much as bouncing him unfortunately.

The trick seems to be good timing. If Rylan is napping while we wait for a table, we can expect it to be a bad dinner. When a table is finally open, that is Rylans cue to wake up.

Written by Kevin on Apr 3, 2006

Oh, Ryan,
I hate to tell you this, but welcome to parenthood. My moto has been "If they don't have take-out or better yet, drive-thru, then we don't go there."

Brendan has this sense about food for several months now. He smells it, he wakes up. He stares at it. He reaches for it. Then he cries. Time to nurse!

If you want to eat out, I suggest getting a sitter for 2 hours, enjoy your dinner and then head home to love on Rylan. Or, get take out, wait til he is down for the night, then light a few candles, serve the food, and enjoy your evening out.

Actually, I prefer this to going out now! I can eat my favorite food in my jammies!!

Written by Karen on Apr 3, 2006

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