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Friends at eye level.

Written on June 7, 2006 by Kevin.

Before Rylan was born, my wife and I had worked on preparing our 3 cats for a new baby. This included the crib tent and allowing the cats to get used to baby related items before we actually needed them. This worked pretty well and we had very few troubles with the cats.

The cats never really seemed interested in Rylan as a newborn so we simply kept them away from each other. This all changed yesterday when we reintroduced Rylan to the cats. Simply put, he was amazed. He loves crawling towards a laying cat and pulling on it's hair. The cat just lays their purring happily as it gets abused. Our other cat still does not seem too interested in him, in fact he seems scared. All in time though.

It appears that Rylan is interested in anything that moves now. We dropped into a pet store last night and Rylan enjoyed staring at the rabbits. I can see why parents get dragged into pet stores now. There is no stopping Rylan from finding a way to look at them. He will bend himself in all possible directions to be able to get just one more glimpse.

We are happy to see Rylan enjoying the cats and having a good time watching all the new animals that he comes across. He has really seemed to open his eyes and noticed new things recently. Its great progress.


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