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Written on July 17, 2006 by Kevin.

Three teeth at once? You have got to be kidding me.

Rylan has been sporting about 4 teeth for the past couple of weeks/months but just recently my wife noticed that 3 new ones are making their way through the surface. I know from experience that teething can be painful (on my ears) but it must be terribly painful for a child. I cannot imagine how 3 new teeth must feel.

We are not unfamiliar with a screaming Rylan as his teeth come in but as far as I am concerned, these teeth are giving him less of a problem. We went through the entire weekend with few outbursts and overall we were pleasantly surprised. He was even able to go meet some new people without putting up a fight. Could he go both days without crying? I didn't think so and he erupted yesterday evening with nothing that could truly sooth him. Distraction was our best bet and that was my job for the evening.

I think I may need to find my ear plugs again.


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