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Stay clear of the eruption

Written on August 17, 2006 by Kevin.

Hectic work week results in short posts..

It was just a few weeks or so ago that I was commented on diapers and why the manufacturers are always talking about being super leak proof. I questioned this because of our experiences and the lack of leaky diapers. Without going into detail, Rylan's waste has changed significantly over the past month as he has begun to eat more baby food and solids.

The result of all this? Blowouts. The little boy that would easily fill a diaper now can pop the seam and erupt. While this has not happened too much so far, we are taking measures to prevent it from happening again. This mainly consists of getting Rylan into size 4 diapers. They are just a bit bigger now that we hope to prevent this type of issue.

We have always been on top of the sizes and don't like to struggle putting on a diaper that is too small. Size 3 diapers however still fit Rylan just fine so we are having to re plan our upgrade strategies now. Over time you realize that there is no planning with a kid, you just have to wing it.


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