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The World's Biggest Playdate with Pooh

Written on August 9, 2006 by Kevin.

My wife caught a glimpse of a television commercial recently that was promoting a Disney event at a local mall. We decided to make the trip and were certainly happy we did.

First and foremost, you know you are a parent when you begin taking your children to events like this. It was an awkward feeling at first. It had the overall feeling that every parent was judging their kids to the other ones. Quite odd. But anyways, we were one of the first people to walk into the event. They had a booth setup for small crafts and we made Rylan a hand flower. Simply a flower made out of paper traced around Rylan's hand. A neat freebie keepsake.

We sat down near the stage and waited. This is not always easy with a small child but we were able to keep Rylan entertained with a few snacks and general distractions. A lady came out onto stage and began reading a Pooh Bear story and soon after, 3 characters came out. Tigger, Piglet and Pooh. As you could imagine, the kids went crazy and Rylan followed along. He was bouncing around and otherwise getting into the mood.

After a bit of reading, the story ended and out came a woman who draws for Disney. There was no doubt that this lady had some talent. She drew characters quickly while giving children some drawing tips. After she completed a drawing she called out numbers to see who would win it, unfortunately we didn't.

Radio Disney came on stage a bit later and after dancing around, they too called out some numbers. We were lucky this time however and our number was called. I yelled out and like a fool, I walked up on the stage, leaving my wife and Rylan there. Thankfully, my wife followed soon after and brought Rylan on stage. My wife says I looked like an excited dad but I don't know. We won a sketch from the Disney lady and we were thrilled.

To finish the day up, we answered some trivia questions and the Disney Radio lady gave us free preview tickets for the Brother Bear 2 movie that will be coming out shortly. What a steal. We really enjoyed taking Rylan to see Bambi 2, this should be equally as fun. We are excited as the last movie that we were able to see was Bambi 2, nearly 7 months ago.

This last weekend was quite possibly one of the best ones since Rylan was born. It was full of excitement that Rylan certainly shared. Look for a review of Brother Bear 2 shortly.


I'm curious about what you mean when you said parents were judging their kids to the other ones. Was it a contest?

Written by Julie on Aug 9, 2006

It was my first time taking Rylan to an event like this but it seemed to me that parents where trying to compare their kids to one another.

I am probably just thinking too much into it however.

Written by Kevin on Aug 10, 2006

"It had the overall feeling that every parent was judging their kids to the other ones."

I know this was brought up by Julie, but it really made me crack up when I first read it. I think that feeling is normal with new parents and even for the rest of a parent's life to some degree. You'll soon find yourself realizing some of your own child's weaknesses too. It's very humbling, but there is nothing wrong with being proud of your kids for whatever their strengths are.

Written by Phil on Aug 13, 2006

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