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Weekend fun at the park.

Written on August 10, 2006 by Kevin.

What do you do at a brand new park when no one is there? You have a good time without having to worry about being trampled by little kiddos. That is just what we did with Rylan this last weekend.

As if Rylan's date with Pooh Bear and gang wasn't enough, we took him to a neighborhood park that recently opened up. To our amazement, there was not a single person there in the middle of the day. The day was perfect with the skies a bit overcast. A great change from the scorching Arizona summer days.

Rylan took full advantage of the park and we escorted him around. Previously dead asleep, he awoke to the challenge when he saw all of the new things to climb over and through. Despite the picture above, he did not have a great time on the slides. When he reached the bottom, he was more shocked than anything. When my wife took him down it a few times, he began to get worried and cried.

The park had a few new toys that I was unfamiliar with including a small piano. It even included music to read and then to try and perform. This kept me and my wife entertained for a good 5 minutes. Who would have known. Rylan certainly seemed to enjoy it as well but my wife had to tell me to let Rylan do it. I guess I was butting into Rylan's playtime.

Rylan's favorite spot was a small tunnel. He can't get enough of these. He seemed to enjoy standing up and grabbing onto the top to help guide him. A pink hippo finished up the day by slowly munching on Rylan. Lucky for us though, he spit him out gently.


It sounds like Rylan has had a ton of fun lately including his hippo experience. I was just wondering if Rylan has a cowlick in today's pic or if his hair is in a whale spout pony tail? It looks cute either way.

Written by Jessica on Aug 10, 2006

My wife placed Rylan's hair up into a pony tail. He didn't seem to mind. :)

Written by Kevin on Aug 10, 2006

That park looks nice. Is that bark mulch or woodchips? When my son was around three, I took him and his sister to a park that had hard packed dirt in the activity area. After several rides down the slide, Joey decided when he got to the bottom he was going to keep his knees bent and land head first. We actually share the same scar on our chins. Mine came from an early sixties era baby walker I was in before I could walk. (or maybe it was just being used to put a buffer zone between me and the rest of the house, early baby proofing?) I (as the story goes) was reaching forwards and the whole thing flipped over resulting in me landing chin first on a hardwood floor. I think woodchips are a great play area landing surface, that is unless your child decides she thinks they look yummy.

Written by Phil on Aug 13, 2006

They were wood chips at the park and we figured Rylan would try and use them as lunch so we kept him in control.

In addition to the chips, there were bit of beaded rubber that was layed down and then melted together I assume. It was much nicer and had a certain give to it which was nice.

Written by Kevin on Aug 13, 2006

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