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Week in Review

Written on December 1, 2006 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Wow a lot of new things are going on lately around here. I am really enjoying my new bed that my mom and dad recently gave me. Now I get to sleep with some of my stuffed animals when before I couldn't. They were worried that I would use them to boost me over the crib. They probably were right.

This weekend should be pretty fun. We will be going to the Glendale Glitters lights here in town where there is supposed to be over 1 million lights I think. Thats a whole lot of lights. I went last year but I was just a wee little baby then. On Saturday, we are taking a trip back up to Sedona where we are going to stay for the night and see their light show as well. I hear it's going to be super chilly, like around 30F. That's super chilly for Arizona, well at least for me.

Mom and dad put up the Christmas tree and surrounded it with my fence. The tree really looks nice and with all of the presents around it, it really makes it look like Christmas here. I wonder how many of them are mine. I can't wait to find out. For now, I am loving my toy the Huggies box. I can do all types of crazy things with it.

One last thing that has changed in my world is that I got a new bath tub. I like to call it my big boy tub. It is in the shape of a duck and it even quacks when I squeeze its nose. When I am not using it I like to have it in the room on the floor and when I wake up in the morning, I go hang out in it while mom wakes up.

I'll be back with some weekend updates next week. I bet my dad will take a bunch of pictures.


Since your duck tub quacks are you going to start quacking soon too? My daughter recently learned about ducks quacking and pigs snorting so she does both all the time; it's really cute and amazing how observant she is because she finds all of the animals she can in the store's toy section, pictures, holiday popcorn canisters, etc.

Written by Jessica on Dec 14, 2006

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