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Kay Hanley.. problem or not?

Written on June 11, 2007 by Kevin.

These days, it is not uncommon to hear about employers using Google to research someone before hiring them. This can both work to your advantage and can also lose the job for you. This is something that Disney executives may not have thought about with Kay Hanley.

For those who do not know, the new show on Playhouse Disney is "My Friends Tigger & Pooh." For the past couple of months they have been doing promotional music video in which they have a young lady (Kay Hanley) lead some kids through the forest and then into Pooh's land. My wife decided to Google the singer of the new Pooh theme song and she found some interesting tidbits.

Get ready bitches, because in the next month or so, Playhouse Disney is going to begin pummeling the 2-5 year old set with a promotional video for the theme song to "The New Adventures Of Tigger & Pooh".
I just walk into people's offices shouting "Do you know who I think I am?!!" and start fucking shit up. In fact, after tripping Robert Redford (by accident, I was drunk) in the lobby of CAA a few weeks back, I then booked it up to the second floor with a can of lighter fluid, some matches and a chainsaw to have a little unscheduled meeting with our agents on the Disney project.

There are a few other interesting comments that can be found on the entire blog post here.

I'm trying to think in my mind who else from Playhouse Disney may use these words and get drunk like Kay. Johnny from Johnny and the Sprites? No I can't see that. What about the Imagination Movers or Ralph from Ralph's World? They appear to be involved fathers so I cannot see them talking like this. I just can't think of anyone that would have this immature attitude that Kay Hanley appears to give off on her blog posts. Did the Disney executives not do their research or did they just not care? Am I just complaining about something worthless again? You decide.

Update: 06/22/2007

Hmm, a song entitled "Lets Get High" [lyrics] sung by Kay Hanley at her band Letters to Cleo concert in 2003.


Great blog. And what about Wilmer Valderrama? He's a great role model for tots, eh? Once they catch his voice over on Handy Manny, they can check out his MTV Yo Momma! show.

As far as Ralph and Imagination Movers, they don't seem like 'guns for hire' which I assume Kay Hanley is. Also, Ralph and the Movers were kids artists with a history that predates Disney. They also come off as sincere which Kay and Wilmer do not.

My two cents.

Written by Toby on Jun 12, 2007

You make a good point. Wilmer Valderrama, Handy Manny, can certainly be called questionable as well.

On a side note, who approved that Yo Momma! show? That show is worthless.

Written by Kevin on Jun 12, 2007

Toby makes a great point and it reminds me of the Kid's Bop series philosophy. Rather than create appropriate children's fare, they look to the teen/adult market and pluck a few innoffensive, semi-appropriate songs. The only problem with this is that the songs and artists do not exist in a vacuum. The kids are getting tuned into artists that do not cater to kids and therefore are not trying to be role models or have songs with appropriate, educational content. The only merit to the songs are that they are "cool" and not entirely inappropriate. To me, this music is nothing more than "candy cigarettes." Kay Hanley is what she is. I think Disney has the responsiblity to make sure that she is suited for the toddler set before making that call.

Written by Davis on Jun 14, 2007

Kay is a legitimate rock star having fronted one of the most popular alternative bands of the 1990's. How she chooses to express herself (be it with or without curse words) shouldn't be an issue. She's not cursing on who gives a fuck? She also does the theme song for Care Bears. There is a great demand in the marketplace from parents for content that they can enjoy WITH their child. Raffi is's all about Kay Hanley, They Might Be Giants, the dude from Del Fuegos (name escapes me at the moment), Lisa Loeb and others. Buckle your seatbelt...

Written by Jean on Jun 19, 2007

When you sign the dotted line, you now represent the company whether you like it or not. Her actions should now being taken under consideration when placing her face in front of millions of kids. She may not want to be a role model but that is what she signed up for when she got into the business.

Written by Kevin on Jun 20, 2007

You are right, she is a legitimate rock star. If she wants to connect with adults, play adult music and cater to adult fans (though I would think many of her "adult" fans are tweens), I have no issue with that. But if she is going to agree to cater to a pre-school -PRE-SCHOOL- audience, she has a certain responsiblity to make sure that her public persona aligns with that professional choice. She can email you with every word in the book. She can call you drunk at 3am. But knowing that families and kids can, and will, read her webpage she (or her publicist, manager, etc.) should feel some obligation to keep things fairly benign. Heck, the more superficial thought of losing Disney dollars because folks are writing negative blogs should be incentive enough to nix it.

FYI, the "Dude" is Dan Zanes. Another former adult rocker is Ralph Covert. They have totally changed their image and message to be kid friendly. They did it right. Lisa Loeb? eh? not so sure, really.

Go check out their websites, or the Imagination Movers for that matter, and tell me if you see anything that is not pre-school appropriate. The have a freedom to express themselves too, but also have the judgment to temper it.

Written by Demond on Jun 22, 2007

Ok. I'm a Letters to Cleo fan from way back. In fact, I went to college with their drummer. So I like Kay.

The fact that she got this Disney gig is way cool. Good for her.

Now, I think you're having trouble separating the artist from the art. Her music and little video with the kids is super-cute. My daughter loves it.

Now, I'd never take her to a Letters to Cleo show, because a rock show is not place for a 4-year-old.

Consider They Might Be Giants. They've put out some great kids' records. They do "kids only" tours and "adults only" tours. They even say a bad word every now and then. But that's not going to prevent me from letting the kids enjoy "No!"

Anyway, it doesn't bother me that Kay has said a bad word or sung a song about getting high in the past. She's an adult is who is allowed to act like on. And I'm glad she's on Disney.

Written by Dave on Jun 24, 2007

I see your point. TMBG and Ralph Covert both have duel personas. In fact, Ralph clearly puts "Adults Only Show" on shows not suitable for kids. But it is hard to defend "Get ready bitches, because in the next month or so, Playhouse Disney is going to begin pummeling the 2-5 year old set with a promotional video for the theme song to "The New Adventures Of Tigger & Pooh." Anyone who wants to know about Kay is going to visit her website. And the third sentence shows she makes no distinction between her adult face and the one she should show for pre-schoolers. The words "bitches" and "Playhouse Disney" in the same sentence. Nice. Yes, she should be allowed to act like an adult. Most adults know that you have behave differently when you talk to somebody who is 4 years old.

Written by Demond on Jun 24, 2007

Yes, you are definitely overreacting. Were there any curse words in the theme song to Tigger & Pooh? No, of course not. Do you know any involved parents (including yourself) who curse to other adults. I'm sure you do. :)

Written by Justine ungaro on Jun 25, 2007

It appears that this post has gotten a bit of publicity lately and even has been mentioned on the Kay Hanley forums.

First off, the posting on made me out to be some craze parent that is trying to turn the world upside down. Reading my original post over again, I think I was very calm in my writing and left it very open to peoples opinions on the issue. I stated what I found and left it up to you...

As for the forums, they seem to have it in for me now. That's fine. I voiced an opinion just like they have done. I am not actively pursuing getting Kay Hanley fired. I certainly have never contacted Disney about the issue.

I welcome the additional publicity to this post though, as it gets the word out to the masses and gives me something to laugh at throughout the day. Bloggers have a way of digging around and stiring things up. As a parent, I have dug up what appears to be a singer, that now has a song on a children's show, that may not be the best for the job. What you do with that information is all up to you.

For those who may think I do not realize that Kay has a child of her own, I do. That is an entirely different issue that I will not talk about because it is not my issue what she does/says around her kids. I am perfectly fine leaving that 100% alone.

Written by Kevin on Jun 25, 2007

It's just a post about his opinion on the subject. It's not like there's a petition out to get her fired. Other sites act like this post was written by some crazy person picking on poor Kay. Kay has fans who want her to be able to say anything she wants. Why can't he? Seems a bit childish that some people see it in such a one sided way. The response I have seen over this post is appalling. I understand supporting an artist that you like but some fans are acting as if he has made death threats against her or something. Should he expect companies to go nuts if he does a bad review of their product? It's the same thing. Everyone needs to calm down and grow up.

Written by Kristin on Jun 25, 2007


Let's be serious, do you really think the Doodlebops don't go out and get shitface every night? Yeah, I just said that.

Kay Hanley can babysit my kids anytime.



Written by sL on Jun 25, 2007

oh - and you forgot to mention her tattoos!! HEPATITIS SCARE!!!

Written by sL on Jun 25, 2007

This issue is not about whether or not Kay or the Doodlebops get shitfaced on the weekend. Rather it is an issue that the information is accessible to young kids who are interested in her.

If you do a search for 'Kay Hanley Pooh' on google, the second result is her innapropriate couple of sentences.

This is not an issue about censorship or a personal attack on Kay. It is just trying to keep my kids and yours from seeing things that are not meant for them, whether it be porn or just some unnecessary words.

My original post was worded in a way that allowed others to make their own opinions. I just brought the information to them and let them do the rest.

Written by Kevin on Jun 25, 2007

Who cares or said anything about tattoos. Tell me which site I can find photos or some kind of proof that the Doodlebops are out there getting drunk, getting high or having orgies. I doubt you will find anything because they are responsible enough to keep their private lives private.

Written by Kristin on Jun 25, 2007

I seriously doubt that your son can read. Get off your high horse and find something else to occupy your time with. Like your wife's mucus plug.

Written by Anna on Jun 25, 2007

The reality is that you googled her and found things that were objectionable for a preschool audience. Her mistake. The same folks who defend her right to freedom of expression should support yours as well. Go Kevin!

Written by demond on Jun 26, 2007

Please! Kay Hanley is one of the artist that I respect the most. Yes she has tattoos (two of them are her children's name....I mean how horrifying?!), yes she gets drunk on occasions (who doesn't?), yes she is a rockstar. But getting drunk, cussing and every other things that might offend people are just human things, Kay is just human. What do you expect, that because she sings the team song of a children show means that she is a nun or what?! And yeah, kids will probably go on her website...they don't even know that she is the one that sings the songs...and they are like 4 years old. I regularly go on her website and there is nothing offending about it. If you were talking about her forum, yes people sometimes swear, a forum is like real life, it's normal. And yes, you might came across a post where Kay Hanley herself was swearing, but just the fact that she is posting daily is enough to make me think that she is a good person and cares about others, I like the fact that she is so down to Earth. Well, Kay Hanley is one of the smartest artist I know and also one of the most talented, she is amazing.

Written by Marie on Jun 26, 2007

Um....I don't know of too many preschoolers that do Google searches.....

Written by BooMom on Jul 5, 2007

Having not revisited this site in a few weeks, I am appalled at the level to which fans of Kay have stooped. Throw rationality out the door cause apparently - Kay's fans are extremely reactionary and are unable to digest an ounce of criticism about her. It'd be nice that instead of bashing a blogger who makes an observation - they can allow a sliver of criticism to be levied against their beloved Kay (if it's been supported). Holy cow - it's hard to believe her fans are so rabid (and without an apparent ability to see things from differing perspectives). Thanks goodness they don't carry around baseball bats - they might have beaten anyone who sent an odd glance their way. Who knows how they would have interpreted an 'odd' glance (based on their reactions to this post)?

Written by Toby on Jul 8, 2007

Disney has employeed way more questionable stars than Kay Hanley. If parents are allowing their children to search the internet alone, then that's a problem. The music is great. If parents are worried that their children are going to find questionable material about Ms. Hanley, then maybe they need to do a better job of supervising the content they are allowed to search. I googled "pooh" and not all is about a fuzzy bear. Maybe Disney should change his name.
Great job on the theme song, it is very catchy-

Written by Josie on Jul 10, 2007

I found this essay by Kay Hanley and it really touched me-

*Edited by Kevin - we don't need to view the entire essay as a comment. Review the link if you are interested. Thanks.

Written by Dotty on Jul 10, 2007

I do not see four-year-olds Google-ing Kay Hanley's name in the immediate future, so I think we're good. :) I'm sure that she is able to control herself around children, and I can understand her writing that on her blog in good fun, probably meant as a joke for her older fans. You saying that she's not the best for the job is what I found the most offensive, as if someone who swears is unable to be controlled around children. I think you need to loosen up, frankly, but of course I respect your right to feel as you feel.

Written by Amy on Jul 25, 2007

It's November 2007 and I see the last comment made was way back in July but I was really impressed with the (mostly) level-headed contributions to this discussion. I see where some might be hesitant to be OK with a person performing songs about "questionable" behavior (like 'Lets Get High') and then 4 years later singing to millions at the Macy's Day Parade on a Care Bear float about loving everyone. But really, Kay's not on TV cussing and bragging about getting drunk. She's not on stage at a Hannah Montana concert acting that way. She seemed pretty darn innocent on that float. Now what kind of "concerned parent" lets their child browse the internet unmonitored and then gets upset that there might be something on it that they don't want that child to see? You're really overreacting, here and "complaining about something worthless."

Written by A Bit Late on Nov 25, 2007

Okay, so I am getting into this discussion even later. My 3 yr old LOVES Kay's "We Are the Care Bears" video on the Oopsy Does It movie. I, too did some research, as I was trying to find the song for my iPod so my daughter could listen to it when she wanted. I found Kay's myspace page and noticed all the tatoos and other adult content. I also noticed that on the Care Bear video, she clearly made an effort to cover the tatoos up, which someone that didn't care wouldn't do. I don't have a problem letting my little girl listen to the kid-friendly version of Kay, but her adult content is not something that my daughter will be exposed to. I won't be rushing out to get a Kay Hanley CD for her. Let's not be so quick to condemn someone for their choices or to say that because they did this or that in the past that they don't have the right to change. Let's also not just give public personas a free pass. Let's judge the artist for how they appear in PUBLIC for KIDS TO SEE. I also agree with A Bit Late when they said that kids shouldn't be randomly browsing the internet unmonitored.

Written by Even later on Feb 11, 2008

The tigger and poo theme song is very catchy. My kids and I sing along to the song as well as the all the other shows like little einstiens an such. They never ask who the singer is or if they can read the singer's blog. I believe you have to eighteen to use myspace. If your kid is on the net and or other places where he/she can be exposed to Swearing and bad behavoir then your not doing your job as a parent. I sure have never seen any bad behavior on the Disney channel. That's if you don't count their suble liberal socialistic bordering on comunistic indoctrination of our children. We are parent leading our children through the maze of life. YOu can't just smash through the walls you don't think should be there because one day some one will bust through a wall that you care about. Like your freedom to sing a song for Disney and also have a blog on an adult web site with out being attacked by caring parents who are worried about the wrong things.
Anyway I'd rather my kids swear then think they should be rewarded for mediocraty.

Written by alex on Feb 29, 2008

Hey lady,
IF you did your research on Disney, you would find out that they are about as wholesome as a brothel. I personally know college kids who went to work for Disney during their summer vacations and believe me honey, their "behind the scenes" stories would make ALL PARENTS hand up their mouse ears, PERMANENTLY!!

Honestly, the Playboy mansion has NOTHING on some of these Disney practices that go down in their commercial-laden, sugar high parks.

So take a deep breath, put on your MOUSE EARS, and turn the channel if you don't like what's on. It's not like she gang-banged Mickey Mouse and friends, right?!

P.S. at a certain age, let's say 12, one should really reevaluate their LOVE OF DISNEY and join the world of the living.


Written by jackie just on Mar 27, 2008

i'd be more worried my kids would google hannah montana and get pics of a "good role model" standing in a wet t-shirt in the shower. kay hanley is amazingly she held up a few beer bottles during a show..and used a few choice words..she's over 21 you know..and generally speaking she's a better role model for what girls should aspire to be than any of these cookie cutter disney pop tarts.

Written by Jaksy on Jul 31, 2008

yes, she is a problem. has anybody seen how she plays? bulls**t! she looks like any guitar is to heavy for her! funny, huh? not to worry, she'll find out i'm guitar king. ha!

Written by seth finley from sfx on Jun 7, 2009

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