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Week in Review

Written on June 8, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Another week has come to an end.. I wonder what my dad has planned for this weekend. I hope that it's something inside because it is super hot outside these days. Luckily we still have the Seat Chiller that my dad reviewed last year so at least my seat isn't hot when I get in.

We went back to the library recently and picked up a bunch of DVD of Disney classic movies. Like way long ago classics. Way before even my dad was born. He's an old fart. Anyways, the movies are good to watch and they interest me because they are only black and white. Very different than the colorful shows they have on now.

Last night when my dad was taking me upstairs to brush my teeth I spotted Donald on my bed. I pointed him out to my dad and said his name. Dad was very pleased with me and mom too. They always seem to be surprised when I say a new word.

Dad tracked down a great deal at CVS drugstore and how to pickup cheap diapers so we have been running around to each of the stores buying them all up. We are preparing for my little sister by getting a huge pile of diapers. I know from experience that babies poop a lot and even little poops turn into big messes. I am not looking forward to her stinky poops. Yucky!

We stopped by grandmas house the other night and had pizza. We tried a new place and boy was it good. I sat on her lap the entire time just munching away at my pizza. I think I had 3 slices of it. It was that good. I don't eat the crust though because it is usually a bit tough. Mom is the same way. I must have gotten that from her.

I'm going to wrap it up there. I just remembered we have an event we are going to at Babies'R'Us this weekend so that should be a bit of fun. If it's any good I will have my dad take pictures.


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