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Let them come to you..

Written on September 25, 2007 by Kevin.

There are so many different reasons to go to Disneyland. My wife has loved Disneyland forever it seems. I went a few times as a kid but I really became interested when I saw how happy it made my wife. As time has changed, we now have kids and the visits are for all of us really. We love to see the happy face on Rylan when he spots Mickey through a crowd. His excitement feeds ours. We suspect Kaitlyn will be the same way.

I took my wife to Disneyland to propose and we headed their for our honeymoon as well. Heck, we were there for our babymoon as well. While the rides are fun, we mostly love the atmosphere that is Disneyland. You step into the park and you feel like you have left everything else behind. Disney has mastered it.

Of course the main reason why many people go to the park is to see the characters. Many people will stand in 20+ people lines just to get their 30 second pictures or signatures. We do this occasionally too but while waiting for my wife to feed and change Kaitlyn something dawned on me. Near the baby center at the end of Main Street there is a cubby hole that has a first aid building. Right next door is an employee entrance. If you are tired of walking but your kids are still anxious to get their pictures taken, this may be the place to rest.

As you are walking through the park you will spot characters being whisked in and whisked out with the help of a cast member. These characters eventually need to go somewhere to get away from everyone and this happens to be one of those spots. Within the time that my wife was able to change and feed Kaitlyn, Rylan and I saw Jack Sparrow, Ratatouille rats and Mary Poppins & Bert. Amazing. No crowds. The characters came strolling along and were very nice about taking one last picture before ducking into the employee only section.

There are plenty of points of entrance/exit that the characters use. From my own experience, this has been a very effective spot to hang out and just wait for them to come to you. Try it next time you make a visit to Disneyland, you may just luck out as much as we did this last weekend.


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