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Review: Cici's Pizza

Written on September 13, 2007 by Kevin.

Updated: Please read here on why we no longer go to CiCi's Pizza.

On the occasion that I have a weekday off, one of our fun things to do for lunch is head over to the Peter Piper Pizza lunch buffet. Rylan loves to try the different types of pizza and it now gives us a loud place to take Kaitlyn in the case that she screams.

For months now, we have been seeing commercials all over the television talking about Cici's Pizza. We had never heard of this new company but it looked like they had some tasty pizza at an affordable price. We immediately headed over to their website to see where they are. Hmm, none within 40 miles of us. Bummer. We were taunted for about 6 months with these darn commercials at night. We kept checking the website for any signs that one would be coming closer to us, nothing at all.

All of a sudden this past week, we got our weekly coupons and there we go, a Cici's Pizza coupon. I scan it quickly and whohoo there is a new location near by. Their advertisements sure worked on us, we packed up the kids and headed off.

So, Cici's Pizza is a buffet style restaurant but they also sell individual pizzas as well. We opted for the buffet simply due to the ability to try all of their traditional and unique pizzas. They have some different style pizzas including buffalo chicken, spinach and even a macaroni & cheese pizza. I don't know how long the place has been opened for but the first time we went in, it was packed. My wife hunted down a table while Rylan and I checked out the pizza choices. I had Rylan tell me which ones he wanted to try. He seems to enjoy the classic chicken, macaroni & cheese and your typical pepperoni is always a favorite. He gobbled them up pretty quickly.

They offer a small salad bar, pasta bar and a dessert bar as well. The salad bar has 3 different styles of salad which were pretty tasty as well. I have no experience with the pasta bar but it looks like macaroni pasta with Alfredo or spaghetti sauce for toppings. The dessert bar is Rylan's favorite part of course. They offer a cinnamon roll type item, an apple pie pizza and brownies too. It's a bit hard to manage how many of those cinnamon roll pieces you eat. They go down too easy.

Overall, this place certainly goes on the list of great quick and family restaurants. The restaurant can be a bit loud which helps out with a screaming kid. They offer warm tasty pizzas with 16 different type choices. The prices are affordable for the family and right now with Rylan still considered free, we can get out of there only spending about $10. The buffet cost $4.99 and the individual pizzas start at that price as well. Even after being so dissapointed at first of not having a location nearby, we are glad to have waited. This place is one of our current favorites.


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