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No More Cici's Pizza for us...

Written on October 18, 2007 by Kevin.

It was about a month ago that I first wrote a review on Cici's Pizza. We were anxious for Cici's to have a location near us and were really pleased with everything when we had our first visit. It was affordable food for the family with a nice variety of pizzas. Their cinnamon dessert was amazing.

We made a trip up there at the end of September to meet up with some of the grandparents, which turned out to be our last visit. I am standing in the buffet line waiting for a pizza to arrive that I request and that's when it happened. The teenage employee that takes the pizza out of the oven brushed his nose and then dug into it. I was amazed that he was doing this but in open view of everyone was just shocking. Did he wash his hands afterwards? No. I went back to my table in silence.

After a short bit, I headed up to talk to a manager about the situation. The conversation went a bit like this.

Me: Do all of your employees have a food handlers card?
Manager: They should all.
Me: Can you tell me why the guy that takes the pizza from the oven was just digging in his nose?
Manager: Wow! I'll ask him.
Manager: Yes he has his food handlers card. Thanks for letting us know.

OK, great way to take care of the situation. I could not see the guy at this point but I didn't even see him leave to wash his hands afterwards. Amazing.

Here is where the fun started. I called up the Cici's corporate number and let them know of the situation. I received a call from the district manager who wanted to know a bit further about the issue. I was told that the issue had been given to the franchise owner and that I would be contacted by him as well. This never happened. I called the corporate a few days later to complain that I had not received a call, they assured me a callback that day. It never happened.

I figured at this point that the franchise owner does not care about his customers at all if he cannot take the 3 minutes out of his day to call me. Clearly this guy doesn't want me as a customer any longer. I called them one last time to let them know that I had no longer wanted a callback as I had already reported them to the Environmental Services here in Arizona. The restaurant had only been opened since Labor Day and I happened to be the first complaint against them. We'll let them handle it from here. *Update: The services employee went to the location and did not view any nose picking but did tell them about the report and went over how to wash your hands. It's sad that we have to teach people this.*

Everyone hears the horror stories and I understand that stuff happens to peoples food all of the time. The part that really urks me is that that guy saw me looking at him while he did it and he did nothing to hide it or attempt to clean his hands. Unfortunately the manager and owners were no better at taking care of the issue. Per the actions of the owner, my family will not be returning back to this Cici's. Thanks alot for ruining something good.

Cici's Pizza #612
7608 W. Cactus Rd. Ste A
Peoria, AZ 85381

This location is now gone.


you are an idoit

Written by kevin on Dec 2, 2007

What a valid comment. Thanks for your time.

Written by Kevin on Dec 2, 2007

Hmm, if Cici's would have the offer of raises and other incentives, we employees would be more conscientious. I'm expected to bust my ass everyday I work and for what, minimum wage with no chance of raises or opportunities to advance within the company. While I agree that that kid should have washed his hands, he probably feels the way I do. Your cheap ass and others who eat there never consider the fact that we are killing ourselves working there. I am often the only cook on a shift, and I am expected to make pizzas for the buffet. I am also expected to keep up with the buffet while making to go pizzas and your requests . So, as the minimum wage earner working as slave labor in Cici's I tend to not care whether you enjoy your meal or not, matter of fact, I'm liable to wish you choke yourself on your request which just threw my whole time frame out whack in getting out of that place on time at the end of shift. People like you make me SICK!!!!!!

Written by Acidsikeo on Dec 13, 2007

Thanks for your thorough comment. I understand the situations that you face as a minimum wage worker working in a likely hot kitchen. I simpathize for anyone in your situation and my post here is not an attack on you employees directly. My concerns are with that one employee that I personally saw digging in his nose and the lack of care that the company itself took to remedy the issue. I fully understand that employees are human beings and need to take care of an itch in their nose or whatever but a simply cleaning of the hands is not too much to ask. This employees job was to take the pizzas from the oven and cut them. I saw how fast the pizzas were coming out and it was certainly not fast enough where he couldn't do a simple wash.

I applaud you for staying at a job that you seem to hate. I understand how jobs can be thankless so I will take this time to thank you and all other pizza makers in the world.

Written by Kevin on Dec 13, 2007

That's Terrible! I am really sorry that happened to you. I have worked for CiCi's for 7 years now, and even have my own franchise store, NOT in Arizona. I have half a mind to call this guy up in Arizona because I would never have let you walk out of my store with such a bad experince. This franchise owner certainly doesn't care about his buisness, or his fellow cici's franchise owners for that matter. I am very sorry that was your experince, and shame on the establishment in Arizona for not sharing our standards.

I'm sorry for your discontent at such a hard job, I don't see why they would pay you minimum wage to cook. My cook makes twice the amount of what minimum wage is here in georgia because of the level of difficulty that job is. Like I said, as a manager and an owner I try to give all my employees a sense of belonging, and compensatory pay for their work. Most of my employees care very much about our guests because I care about my employees. This certainly must not be the same standard everywhere, and I am sorry.
I wish I were in arizona so I could make up your bad experinces to you and your whole family Kevin. Rest assured that I will not let anyone in Georgia have the same experince.

Written by Mike on Jan 10, 2008

the cicis that i went to in rowlett texas was verry clean every table was clean i had no problems and every time thay did something thay washed thire hands ive never ben to a more clean place
and i was amazed with the service

cici's was top quality

Written by none on Jan 23, 2008

Dear Acidsikeo,
everyone seems overly concerned with your discontent at having to work at a job you obviously hate. Sorry, no sympathy here. does someone hold a loaded gun to your head every day to make you report to that same old job? here's a suggestion: if you are unhappy with the job you have, then try to find another one. who knows? you might get lucky enough to find another employer who is willing to pay you more for your bad attitude towards the people whose patronage help provide the funds to pay your minimum wage salary! regardless of how much a person pays for a service, the fact is that person has paid what was requeste of him or her. whether or not you choose to stay and provide that service is your own independent decision. you obviously are quite young and inexperienced in affairs of LIFE! you'll grow up one day and perhaps you will be that "cheap ass" who expects to get what you pay for and you will be fortunate enough to meet another turd just like yourself! At least I certainly hope so!

Written by on Mar 14, 2008

Wow, I can't believe that you have wasted so much time and energy on this. OK, the nose picker was a bit gross. I'm guessing that this was an isolated incident. I doubt that Cici's advocates nose picking in it's workers. The way you make it sound you'd think that nose picking was a requirement for employment. Your contact should have stopped at the store manager level. Taking it to corporate was a bit over the top. What did you really expect them to do? Perhaps water boarding the guilty employee, the store manager and the franchise owner would make you happy. Lighten up and get a life.

Written by MNLawrence on Apr 4, 2008

I just quit working for cic's in wichita,i only worked their for 2 months and it was the worst job i ever had i would not wish it on my worst enemy,i was the cutter,the stocker,the strecher,and the buser all at the same time cuz the resturant cant keep employees and then when it was pay check time i was so happ i got there early to pick up mine onley for the manager to tell methat they dont have it and they dont know why it did not come infact my name was not even on the great way to treat your employees i use to be the manager of a resturant and i always believed that "if your employees are happy your customers will be to" but i guess i just have a weird outlook on life,but anyway thanks for giving me one of my worst life ewxperiences ever cici's

Written by chris on May 20, 2008

What some of these allegedly grown adults here seem to realize is that this sort of thing goes on every single day in restaurants all over America. You might feel like you're making a big difference by harassing corporate, having a confrontational attitude towards the manager etc, but all you're doing is telling them the same thing they hear every single day from the hundreds upon hundreds of other people who walk into the place. That kid doesn't care if you saw him picking his nose. You know why? Because he doesn't have to. He doesn't care, the manager doesn't care, and here's the big secret: CORPORATE DOESN'T CARE. They are concerned with one thing and one thing only and that is if the store is making money and if it's not they will shut it down.

All this ties into the staff and how they are underpaid. They're only going to get 200 dollars a week no matter how great of a job they do and that's if the managers themselves don't clock people out and have them sit there in the restaurant idling to their convenience trying to cut back on labor scores. On top of that, they're constantly badgered by obnoxious customers and abused by fat, stupid, undereducated, two-faced, slime ball managers. What incentive do they have whatsoever to come in and actually work their hardest and perform their jobs to the best of their physical ability? Because that's "what they were hired to do"? Sorry, but I highly doubt employees who apply for Cici's or any other PIECE OF A JOB are sat down and told before hand in painstaking detail that they are expected to work for as long and hard as possible while being disrespected and talked down to on a regular basis. But there's more, the best you can hope for when you quit is POSSIBLY a good reference. But even that is a struggle with such a negative effect the whole thing has on your emotions. By the time you're through with jobs like these, walking off becomes a guilty pleasure.

What it all boils down to is that calling corporate doesn't help or change anything. They are exactly the same as you are; They want something for nothing and they want all they can get for as little-to-nothing as possible and they don't CARE what you think. As long as they can give you a coupon or a couple dollars back long enough to shut you up and move on to serve the next customer to keep that cash flowing in. Because in the end that's all that matters. Not whether employees are paid a fair rate, not if the health department complains, not if management and franchise owners steal cash/product, and not if some 16 year old punk was picking his nose when he was supposed to be cutting a pizza.

Written by Former Cici's Line Cook for 1 Year on Oct 13, 2008

I think this location has closed it's doors. Good riddance!

Written by Tina on Oct 20, 2008

I really enjoy CICI's, i first ran into one in pitssburgh and was very excited that a few opened up in arizona. The establishment has always been clean and well taken care of. Only once had i had a complaint, and that was just because one of the stacks of plates next to the serving line had food still on them, i called over the manager, and you know what he did,he apologized, took the stack to the back, checked the other stacks and then proceeded to clean the dirty stack in the back instead of having the other workers do it. So not all CICI's in Arizona are bad, this one is on Gilbert Rd in Mesa.

Written by NSG on Nov 11, 2008

You seem like quite an asshole in my opinion. People like you should be put to sleep.

Written by Cody on Nov 24, 2008

Ok here is the weird thing about complaints. If a complainer wants to bitch about an employee and wast time posting it on a bullshit board such as this one. Then why dont you go out and get a job yourself instead of bringing down not only a franchize but a environment that gives people jobs! Kids will be immature in fact you are as well. So I advise you to remove this complaint board because you sir are a moron yes a clear stated moron. Get a life much less a JOB and have a nice day.

Written by Anonymous on Dec 10, 2008

EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO COMPLAIN WHEN THEY'RE HEALTH IS AT STAKE! I am a CiCi's employee and i really like my job, and while the complaint on CiCi's looks bad, that's because it WAS bad. For all of you insulting the person who posted this tell me- what would YOU have done in the situation? Are you telling me that u would have pleasently went back to your meal? GIVE ME A BREAK!! I am sure every one of you would have been just as upset and probably more rude about the situation judging from your attitudes! And speaking of bad attitudes, as for these employees that don't get paid enough to care about their hygiene, YOU SHOULDN'T GET PAID TO CARE ABOUT YOUR HYGIENE! you chose to work in a food environment and maybe if your attitude was better you would have opportunities for pay advances and advances with your career but i dont know of ANY business that would pay u more than what is required with attitudes like that. YOU SHOULD BE THANKFUL THAT YOU HAVE A JOB AT ALL, especially with this country being in recession. Do you know how many people out there are struggling for work, even at a pizza place? You people are hateful and ungrateful and im surprised anyone would employee you. And i for one would prefer complaints be made so that these issues can be addressed because god knows i wouldn't want my two-year old daughter eating in a place that is UNSANITARY. You obviously don't realize the horrible illnesses and diseases that can be contracted from other people's bodily fluids and bacteria. Should we all just hold every restaraunt to this lower standard so our economy can deteriorate healthwise to save someone from a confrontation?? THINK ABOUT IT

Written by Kristy on Dec 15, 2008

First I would have told him to quit picking his nose and handling food. Why don't people speak there mind more ? What the hell is wrong with that and the perhaps taking it up with the manager and if need be w/ corporate. Oh and I am sure that does not go on @ every cici's but the bottom line is people are really just animals.

Written by amanda on Jan 8, 2009

Lady you are making such a big deal!!!! God you told the manager and thats all you need to do!!!! Besides i work at CiCi's and we dont even touch the food unless you are a cook. The cut person uses pans to move the pizzas and cut them. They never touch the pizzas hands.I'm not saying what he did was right but shit you dont have to take it all the way to corporate. Anyways if you dont like the way it is ran then DONT GO THERE SUPID!!!!!! If you are such a health freak...then maybe you should stay home!!!

Written by Kaci on Jan 17, 2009

I have to agree with Kaci. It sounds like you overreacted just a little. I work at CiCi's in Texas and of course if you touch your nose or sneeze you wash your hands or use handsanitizer. But it's really hard to run over there when youre cutting and you have the ovens going, the oven isn't going to stop so you can go wash you hands. Causing pizza's to fall on the floor and the buffet to crash (no pizza's on the buffet). He could have asked someone to cut for him though. But seriously we really dont even touch the food with our hands. I think you should've told the manager and let him handle it...they dont always have time to just stop what they are doing and go sit down and have a talk with them so he probably talked to him later. And if you didnt see the employee, he probably went to wash his hands. It is really not as easy as it looks to keep that buffet up. Expecially with all the to-go orders and specials. But that was wrong of the guy to pick his nose and he should have washed his hands.

Written by Mellissa on Jan 17, 2009

I just happened upon this review and wanted to add my two cents. 1) It's gross and unappetizing to see someone pick their nose over your food. PERIOD. Complaining to the manager was the appropriate thing to do. 2) Why is anyone making a big deal out of the fact that a family with two kids would want to get good food for a great deal? Just because something is affordable does that mean you should have to put up with pissed off workers that wish you ill will? or that you should have to eat something with boogers on it? Good grief. I am going to CiCi's in my city tonight for a birthday gathering...I hope one of the employees doesn't look at me in scorn and hope that my cheap ass chokes to death on my pizza.

Written by wilderdaze on Jan 23, 2009

you should have done a barrell roll

Written by annon on Jan 24, 2009

You didn't a free meal and your pissed. Congratulations to you.

I can assure anyone here this has nothing to do with the actual fact of the nose but an idiot looking for a free ride.

And because you and your family still had to pay, didn't receive free ride tickets in the mail, you have taken the "I'll show them" attitude and think this one little incident will take down this location and all of it's people. You are an idiot for sure. People are starving, people are dieing, people all around the world are being given huge injustices and you have the nerve to act as though this matters. Shame on you. And yes I thought you were a "lady" too.

Written by Amazed on Jan 25, 2009

Cici's isn't the issue. It's the restaurant business. Just because the issue happened at a Cici's doesn't mean that Cici's is a bad place to eat. Also, if you hate your job, quit. There are plenty of unemployed people who NEED a job. And maybe, they would appreciate some hard work for a steady paycheck. I know I do. I've only worked at Cici's for a few months now, but our managers treat us very well and with respect. And we represent Cici's the way it should be. Employees are happy, our guests are happy and the only reason anyone has an issue is because they are unhappy with an incident. It shouldn't be with the restaurant. Wow.

Written by Corey on Feb 13, 2010


The manager that was with Cici's just maybe 3 or 4 months ago was wonderful, he also had a load of integrity, so with the new reduction of foods, no romaine lettuce, no alfredo sauce and now they only make TWENTY small pans of cheezy bread per day regardless of the volume--- I would imagine that he would refuse to treat his customers like the SHIT that this new BRANDON fellow does.

Walk in any slow period and see little or no pizza, no soup, dried up food, nasty salad and an asshole attitude from the asshole manager who honestly couldn't care LESS what his clientel think or feel.

If the damned place cannot afford to be open, close the doors and get the hell out so that some decent place can go in your place.

We went there at least once a week, the entire family or perhaps just my son and his friends, but after our last visit and as we watched the slow decline of their offerings, we've decided not to waste the gas or the time and just order Pizza Hut or Papa John's 10.00 deals and eat in the comfort of our own home. It would all come out the same if we throw together a salad AND.., we don't have to take the asshole behavior from BRANDON.

I give this place another 6 months max, and it'll be gone. No one who has been used to the excellent service and food provided by the former manager will continue.

I also like the polka dots of icing they put on the rolls-- But my absolute favorite of ALL, was the moron BRANDON is now telling people they can take the REDUCED RATE OF 4.99 (without the drink) if they pay with cash OR they can pay an extra 3 percent if they pay with a credit card.

What a bunch of morons. I'm over it, I will not spend another minute or penny in what used to be a great place to go that has now become a crap hole.

Golden Corral however, has REALLY become a great dining experience, remodled, better management, great fresh food and lower prices! And they serve better Pizza on their buffet that Cici's now!

Good luck morons. Probably a new CEO, that's usually the stupid crap that happens when a new head moron moves into place. Never again.

Written by J on Jul 20, 2010

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