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Week in Review

Written on June 12, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well it's Friday again and it's our time for the Week in Review. The weather here has been bearable lately so we have been outside a lot more. Our neighbors have been planning an HOA takeover so there has been a lot of commotion outside lately. It's been pretty crazy I tell ya.

We headed over to our local Cabella store recently and met up with our Grandpa Fred. We had a lot of fun showing him all of the fish and animals. He got to explain things to us and it was really nice. We stopped and shared a bag of Fritos which was a new allergy safe food that Kaitlyn can have.

Mom made some really neat new blankets for us this week as well. Mom surprised us by putting them out on the couches for us to see when we came down in the morning. Kaitlyn laid on her blanket all morning and you could tell that she really loved it. I told mom that it was the best blanket ever. It really was. It had cookie fabric on it!

It has been gift buying time. Mom and Dad pretty much finished up Kaitlyn's birthday gifts and just last night we picked up our Father's Day gift. Mom and I picked it out but Mom wouldn't tell me the name of it because I have a big mouth and she knows I would tell. As soon as I found out Kaitlyn was getting a wallet from Disneyland I immediately told her. We even went out with our Grandma Michele this week to get some gifts bought for Kaitlyn.

That's gonna wrap this week in review up. We can't wait for our Dad to get home because he said we are making robot costumes. At first I wasn't too interested but it sounds like it going to be a lot of fun. We will definitely be getting some pictures. Have a great weekend.


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