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Week in Review

Written on June 26, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well Kaitlyn and I both agree that the hot dog and french fries pizza was the dinner highlight this week. Our dad has been on a kick lately making artisan breads and again, we both think they are great. He's always talking this weird nonsense about fermentation this and fermentation that. He's a goofy guy.

Speaking of our dad, we of course celebrated Father's Day last Sunday. He got to peacefully sleep in a few extra hours and when he came down he got showered with hugs and kisses. He really enjoyed his rice krispy treats that our Mom made for him. He would have eaten every single bit of it instantly but he held back some how. They were mighty tasty.

Mom seems to have mastered cake baking and decorating so she has been working on homemade ice cream lately. It definitely is tough when you cannot use milk or cream. I am confident that she will find a good recipe and we are certainly willing to eat whatever she makes. She is trying to make ice cream for Kaitlyn's birthday but I think time is running out. Kaitlyn's birthday and party are just around the corner and we are very excited. Hopefully the weather will work with us for next Saturday.

Well our garden is further expanding. Mom and dad have removed a few of the sunflowers and now we are moving in some new things. Our garden is full of all types of goodies like a dwarf lemon tree, 2 tomato bushes, green peppers, banana peppers, onions, green beans, potatoes and a bunch of others that we cannot remember right now.

Well we cannot think of much else to say. Have a great weekend everyone.


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