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A look into allergy testing..

Written on July 14, 2009 by Kevin.

Kaitlyn had her third allergy testing last Thursday and we are seeing huge improvements. The first time we did testing, she was said to be allergic to soy, milk (whole), milk (casein), eggs and peanuts. While it sounds difficult, it has been a very manageable process to avoid these foods in and out of the house. We were excited to do her latest testing and we are very pleased with the findings. She has no noticable allergy to soy or milk (casein). Her numbers for all of the other allergies have dropped and possibly the most important one is the peanut allergy. Her numbers dropped by 75% which is very impressive. Statistics will tell you that only 20% of children outgrow their peanut allergy so this is a huge improvement over a years time. The doctor appears very hopeful that she will outgrow all of her allergies within a year or two. It was great news.

Here is a photo taken from the camera phone while at her latest testing. It shows just how things are. The numbers on her back relate to specific allergens. We had a chance to choose which specific items we wanted to test for which is why the numbers are so scattered. The red allergy bumps are quite difficult to see and that is a great thing. Her back was just covered in bumps the first time. The testing is painless unless done wrong. Kaitlyn just giggled through the entire process.


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