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eBay at its finest..

Written on August 16, 2005 by Kevin.

Many times in the past I have recommended eBay for purchasing baby related items [Link] [Link] [Link]. Well, this post is about eBay but from a different side of it. An 11 year old boy sold nearly all of the stuff in his families home over eBay. This included appliances and family valuables. The worst part of this entire story is that he only got $242 dollars from what is worth $60,000. I cannot imagine what I would do to my son if he did something like this. How did the kid get the idea to do such a thing? Simply amazing.

Link: 11-year-old sells 500,000 households belongings for Internet money


Did you hear about the kid that auctioned off a week's worth of services on Ebay, but is renegging when his mom won?The Philosophical Question of the Day (PQD) Blog

Written by Jason on Aug 16, 2005

(sniff, sniff sniff)Anyone else smell an urban legend?

Written by Vulture 6 on Aug 16, 2005

No way! I wonder how the parents disciplined the child?

Written by Nichole on Aug 21, 2005

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