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The Kid's First Bowling

Written on July 22, 2009 by Kevin.

When I returned home from work yesterday I told the kids that we had somewhere special to take them. We didn't tell them where it was but we explained that we would need to be wearing other shoes. Rylan is very picky about his shoes so that quickly turned into a bad situation. We pressed onwards and when we arrived at the bowling alley, Rylan was asking if it was a shoe store. When we opened the doors and head in, he was just thrilled to be at his first bowling alley.

We got settled in and Rylan decided to be OK with his new bowling shoes. We had no idea just how cute he was going to look. Each of them had their own ball and Kaitlyn found a ball that was just small enough for her to carry around. She looked super cute with a ball bigger than her head. They took turns bowling but it didn't take long before the fun went sour. Kaitlyn had not had a nap yet and after a few balls rolling over her fingers, she wasn't too happy.

Overall though they definitely seemed to enjoy the new event and we will be heading back soon. Definitely the highlight was after Rylan would roll the ball down the ramp, he would dance around like he just won the lottery. We aren't sure where exactly he learned a victory dance from but we thoroughly enjoyed it.


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