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Week in Review

Written on July 24, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Wow talk about big news. Kaitlyn just used the potty for the first time on her first try. Lately she has been taking her diaper off and kind of being a nuisance about it. Every time I turn around she is running around naked. Now we know why. She is preparing herself for potty training. Our mom gave her a try at it just a bit ago because she seemed ready. She seems to really understand because earlier she had her diaper off and when she had to pee she grabbed a wipe and placed it ready to catch the mess. She is a smarty little girl. Now the battle begins for the toilet.

Well let's see what else we did this week... Did you see the pictures of us bowling? Talk about fun! It was really fun and we want to go back everyday! Kaitlyn squished her fingers a few times so that wasn't too fun but I think she had a lot of fun rolling the ball down the ramp and into the pins. We couldn't print out our scores but I think I won by a few points.

Oh big news. We have been doing mild testing with Kaitlyn and her egg allergy. Her numbers were always so low for this allergy so we decided to give her a bit on her leg at first. Then we gave her a bit the other day on a plate and she seemed to do OK. This weekend we are going to have our first really real french toast. It's is going to be really exciting. If she is no longer allergic to eggs, that would really open us up to a bunch of new recipes. We can't wait!

We headed back to the library to drop off some movies and pick up a few new ones. Kaitlyn picked out a Muppets movie and she really seems to like it. We have always been big fans of Disney but maybe the Muppets will be fun to watch too. The library that we go to has chickens, roosters and peacocks too. We like watching the birds just roam around like they run the place.

That's gonna wrap it up. Big high 5 for Kaitlyn because she really is a big girl now. She will be following the tradition and going out this weekend to pick out her very own undies. I think she is going to go with princess because she really likes them all. Have a good weekend everyone. No more diapers, here we come!


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