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K’NEX Brands Releases New Sesame Street Building Sets

Written on November 25, 2009 by Kevin.

Our children do not watch Sesame Street but the families at K'Nex must because they once again have partnered up and now have a new set of building block sets. I was offered a set of these and agreed to give them the once over. The kids loved them. They play just like the original K'NEX blocks so they pair up nicely with the others we have in the house. Any child that is a fan of building blocks and Sesame Street would surely love to receive these as a gift this holiday season.

Week in Review

Written on November 20, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well unfortunately this has been a week of sickness. Kaitlyn, our Mom and I kept passing around last week but this week it was just our Dad and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn got checked up and ended up with an ear infection which is being taken care of. Dad never got sick at all last year but this year he finally got hit with something. He was sore and congested and now he is getting better too.

We are hosting Thanksgiving again this year so we have been planning for that. We are having most of your normal stuff but we always like to throw in a few new things to keep our events unique. I know our dad was really hoping to have fresh carrots from the garden but I don't think they are even close to being ready to harvest. That sure would have been fun.

We jumped the gun and put up our Christmas tree super early. We decided on a Disney themed tree this year so we have disney ornaments of all types. This is the first year where we did not need a gate around the tree so that is super exciting. The tree looks great. We can't wait to show it off.

Kaitlyn has been singing and dancing to her princess movies lately. She really likes it when we dance like a princess and prince together. She is getting really good at singing the songs as well. Anyone that came to the Halloween party knows that I am a great singer and dancer too.

Well we have more things to do in preparation for Thanksgiving and Kaitlyn still needs to relax and get better so that's gonna wrap it up. Have a great weekend everyone.

Week in Review

Written on November 13, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Hmm well we really didn't do much this week.

We did however go out to dinner the other night and along with our meals, our Dad made us tofu nuggets. It was his first and they were done quickly but they didn't turn out that bad. They are like chicken nuggets but with tofu instead of chicken. Our Papa Fredrick looked a bit concerned with it. Definitely a bit creepy but tasty none the less. Next time we are going to have our Mom make it and she will have more time to get it right.

Speaking of food, we headed to the Children's Museum of Phoenix the other day. They have a bunch of activities that are made kids our age. We played kitchen and grocery shopping for hours before we closed the place down. We will definitely be checking that place out more often. We got to ride bikes and run through a noodle tunnel. It was great.

Our garden is still coming along. It is progressing slowly though as the backyard no longer gets sun now that the weather is changing. We planted a few onion bulbs so that will be exciting to see those start growing. The garden is still definitely alive as we have not had anything die off just yet. It really is neat to see everything growing.

"Chubby chili dog cheese". That is Kaitlyn's latest funny sentence she said the other day when our Dad was having trouble ordering some food. The guy inside couldn't understand our Dad so she decided to try and help. We all laughed. :)

Have a good weekend everyone. Tonight we are heading out with all of our neighbor friends. It should be a good time.

Our silly kids.

Written on November 11, 2009 by Kevin.

Week in Review

Written on November 6, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

There hasn't been too much going on lately. We did however make wonderful cookies with mom the other day. We got to put everything in and turned on the mixer. Kaitlyn was supposed to put only half of the chocolate chips in, but she dumped them all in! They were super chocolaty! Yesterday when Kaitlyn was taking a nap, dad and I made a banana milk shake. We put in some rice milk, a banana and then a bunch of fun stuff like chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup and vanilla. I wanted to put egg into it as well but it was really good without it. I guess it has been a fun food week.

Kaitlyn has been very quickly learning words and now she is really getting good at saying full sentences. It's just a matter of time before you can't keep her quiet, like me. We always have something to say and very rarely do we stop talking. We have both been singing lately in the car. Not really songs but more like talking about what we are seeing and thinking. We make up the song ourselves. It's really cute.

Our garden is doing really well. We do have a cat that keeps coming in though and digging up the soil. We are trying to make it so he doesn't want to come back. I hope we can do it. We hang out in the garden after our dad gets home from work everyday and it's real fun to see everything growing. We now have a few big peppers. The carrots and radishes are coming in nicely too. I think we may even have a few strawberries coming. It's gonna be be fun to eat them all.

That's gonna be it for now. Have a good weekend everyone. We shot up over 90F this week so hopefully this weekend is a bit cooler for us. It's just too hot!

A project for two...

Written on November 3, 2009 by Kevin.

This picture can only mean one thing... it was cookie baking day.