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Week in Review

Written on September 18, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Last weekend we headed out to our local pound to see if there were any dogs that were nice. Our Grandpa met us there to so we all could look together. We saw a lot of neat dogs but nothing worked out for us.

Dad made plans for last night that were for something we had never experienced. We have tried watching movies at the big theaters but its a very touchy event and sometimes it just doesn't work out. Dad however decided to try something different, a drive-in movie. In fact, we got to watch the double feature of Disney's UP and Night at the Museum 2. Dad cleaned out the back of the van and removed the bench so we would have a nice place to sit. The movies were good. Kaitlyn and I found it a bit difficult to sit in the van all evening but we made it work and had a good time. It definitely is a fun way to watch a movie.

Oh our Dad has really outdone himself. Last night, for the movie, he made us a deep dish pizza! He began working on it as he got home and when it was done we took off to stake our spot in the parking lot. We waited a bit before tapping into the pizza and boy was it worth it. He had never made a deep dish pizza before but Kaitlyn and I both agree it will not be his last. This was one thick airy pizza with just the right amount of sauce and pepperonis. The best part was that Kaitlyn and I didn't make any mess with it. To top off the meal he made some extra yummy garlic bread sticks. I always tell him that I love his recipes and I know Kaitlyn does too.

Well lets see. It was over a month ago that Kaitlyn had what appeared to be an allergic reaction to some Cocoa Pebbles cereal despite the ingredients looking OK. We spoke to the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network and they helped get the University of Nebraska to test the cereal for us. They tested for all of the things that we know Kaitlyn is allergic too and yesterday they came back with the results. Negative for all allergens. The mystery continues on what exactly caused the reaction for Kaitlyn. At least Kaitlyn is safe and now we know that the cereal should be safe as well.

That's about all we did this week. This weekend we have a few events planned but nothing too big. Have a fun weekend everyone.

Psss. My birthday is a month away!


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