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Week in Review

Written on October 16, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well let's see what has been going on recently...

Dad basically completed his raised garden bed project. Our Mom and Dad filled it in with some goodies for us to watch grow. They dropped in 3 different types of peppers, tomatoes, garlic, cauliflower, peas and carrots. We also have basil, apple mint and chocolate mint. Last night we picked up some pineapple sage and rosemary. Dad thinks the pineapple sage will go really well with the turkey he is making for Thanksgiving. The raised bed seemed to turn out well enough that he is going be making another smaller one on the other side of our patio. It is where the herbs will be planted. It should look nice when its all done. We finally have some seating in our backyard!

Last night we swung by the place we are going to have my birthday party at tomorrow. We will be bowling for this years party and it should be pretty neat. We got everything finalized and we are definitely going to have a pretty good turnout of family and friends. Of course if my birthday party is tomorrow, my birthday must be right around the corner. It is on the 18th and I am really looking forward to being four years old. Time has really flown by but I am looking forward to a new change and I think turning four will really help. Mom is making yet another wonderful cake for my party. I have seen sneak peaks of it while she has been working on it and I am very excited.

While we were out last night, we headed over to the Build a Bear store and we each picked out an animal. I picked out their turkey and named it Super Backpack. Yeah I know it is weird but that was just the right name. Kaitlyn picked out a Halloween purple kitty and named her Violet.

Kaitlyn seemed to get sick last night but now she is getting over it. She resting today with her new kitty and just taking in the whole experience. Sometimes just relaxing is all that you need to feel better. I need her be 100% tomorrow so that we can have a lot of fun bowling.

I guess that is about all that I can think of this morning. Have a good weekend everyone! I know we will be.


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