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Week in Review

Written on October 23, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well of course this was the week after my birthday so we had a lot of fun with all of the new gifts I received. Mom and Dad got me a Wii game that made for kids my age. It is the Cosmic Family game and it's pretty fun. I got so many gifts it's crazy.

It has also been a week of ups and downs. One of the gifts from my last birthday was for me and Kaitlyn to each get a fish. We picked them out and then mine went away on a vacation and never seemed to come back. We finally picked up another one recently and then it got sick. We got a few new ones and they got sick as well. On Wednesday we had a surprise because the new dalmatian molly fish had 2 babies! One of them definitely had some problems but the other one and the mom looked OK. The next day they were both gone. We are now left with another empty tank. I think we are going to hold off on the fish for now. They sure were fun to watch swim around all fast, especially the super tiny baby.

On a more positive note, our dad finished up the backyard garden. We now have to raised beds that are housing a bunch of goodies. The peas are coming in fast. We headed over to a farmers market yesterday and had a chance to try a few new things. Kaitlyn and I both liked the radishes that the lady was selling. We picked up an indian heirloom onion as well which should be neat to watch split into twos if we put it in the garden. Our dad has been working hard on the project and it really turned out great. I think he will be putting pictures up on Monday.

Well this weekend we may head over to a fall festival or something but otherwise we may just hang out. The weather is really nice lately here so we are finally able to comfortably do stuff outside. Have a good weekend.


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