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Week in Review

Written on December 11, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well this week has been filled with sighting of Santa. First off, both Kaitlyn and I both got a call from him. I couldn't believe it. A few days ago our Dad really surprised us though when he had him give us a video message on the computer. Oh man was it exciting. I just sat there with my hands over my mouth. He talked to us about being good and even showed us what we were really wanting for Christmas. It was great. To top everything off though, we headed over to the mall yesterday to actually see the real Santa Clause. Kaitlyn wasn't too excited about seeing him but I sure was. We got to take a few pictures and then I had a chance to tell him what I wanted for Christmas again. I think he is going to come through this year for both Kaitlyn and I.

We have been decorating the house for our upcoming Christmas party. We have been making a bunch of crafts like wreaths, snowmen, snowflakes and other goodies.. We have a full line up of fun stuff to eat at the party that Mom and Dad are planning to make. It should be a yummy party just like our last two events.

Our neighbor friend that is in need of a kidney has gone into complete failure. We are now seeking hard for a donation. She does get to come home today after being in the hospital for a few days so that is really exciting. She is one of our favorite neighbors so we really want to hang out with her soon.

That is gonna wrap it up for the week. Have a good one.


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