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The "Popabilities" are endless!

Written on July 21, 2010 by Kevin.

We are a family of Fisher Price Little People toys. I remember as a kid playing with ours so we definitely were interested in buying them when we had our own kids. A new competitor has come in to the ring however. Welcome to Pop On Pals. These toys are down right neat. They include pals, pets, vehicles and play sets. The "Popabilities" are endless because you can mix and match everything, so a princess can turn into a baker or even a puppy can turn into ballerina.

We received a set recently, courtesy of Team Mom, and the kids were instantly interested. We busted open the box and the kids went on to play with it for a peaceful, quiet and extended period of time. They were psyched.

With the Holiday season quickly approaching, I think I can safely say that these toys will be hot items.