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Written on March 10, 2010 by Kevin.

On this day 5 years ago... I posted and commented on our first ultrasound for Rylan. It has been a long time now posting near daily on this blog. A total of 939 blog posts. As recent months have shown, it has become more and more difficult to find words to continue at full steam. The parent blogosphere has increased a million times over and this once popular daddy blog has been looked over, which is fine. We have all benefited from this website as companies have been generous enough to allow us to review products and giveaway more. The kids have earned money into their savings account by the minimal advertising that I show. Visitors have learned things about our family, parenting, food allergies and quite possibly the most important thing, how to get rid of soap suds in the dishwasher. I have changed the look of the website many of times and realized after the last change that my wife is best at choosing the colors.

I will continue to post the occasional family photo and rather than try to think about what to write about the following day, I will focus on what we are doing and enjoy it without distraction. If you are in fact family and would like to continue hearing about what is going on in our life, please find us on Facebook. For the rest of the visitors, I encourage you to look around in the five years of archives. There is a lot of information to scour through. Some interesting and others not. I know that we will certainly reference back to the archive at times in hope of recouping those foggy memories.


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