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Emily vs Daniel. It's on!

Written on June 19, 2007 by Kevin.

For those who are not familiar with the Disney channel morning line up, Daniel cook has a short 5 minute show each morning in which he learns new things such as milking a cow, trying new fruit and making a pizza. Rylan has always enjoyed watching him because he is pretty funny otherwise just entertaining. My wife and I even enjoy watching him.

Welcome Emily Yeung. Miss Rip off if you ask me. She now has a show that is a duplicate version of the Daniel Cook show but with her. I understand little girls may enjoy watching another girl but at that age do we need a girls perspective on how fun it is to milk a cow or write a poem? They took an entertaining show and attempted to clone it but as most sequels go, it isn't nearly as great as the original.

We'll see how her show does in the future weeks but my bet is that it will get no better. Long live the original Daniel Cook!


Is this new girl on Disney too? Not to sound sexist but I am at a loss at how the literary 'Christopher Robin' was replaced by the cartoon tomboy (butchie) Darby and now I'm reading that Daniel Cook is being replaced by Emily. Don't even get me started on how the two male roles, Moe and Rooney, on the Doodlebops are played by women (or at least men who act like women). What's up with Disney -is there some hidden agenda here?

Written by Toby on Jun 21, 2007

This new girl is on Disney. In fact, my wife has yet to see Daniel since Emily showed up. Will be a sad day when Daniel is bumped off the lineup.

My wife and I felt the same way with the new Darby character on the Pooh show. Pooh is a classic and they really should not have messed up by bringing in a girl to play the role. We could all use Christopher's calm in our lives again not this spazzy Darby.

As for the Doodlebops, my wife and I are in agreement that at least Roonie is gay (not judging). Moe though we figure he is just a bit strange and because of the show itself it may lead you to believe he is as well..

As for a hidden agenda? hmmm Disneyland is the happiest place on earth so anything is possible..

Written by Kevin on Jun 22, 2007

MY friend and I have a website. Daniel Cook is sexy and oyu all know it. lol, not to perv on little boys but I want to marry that kid.

Written by Steve (the girl) on Sep 6, 2007

i think daniel cook is cute

Written by anmesia on Nov 9, 2008

I just discovered Daniel Cook and his show very recently. Personally, I think both Daniel Cook and his show are cute and entertaining. I've never seen Emily, or her show. Judging by just a couple of pictures I have seen of her, she looks like a cute kid too. But when I follow the links to Emily's show, there is no doubt it's almost an exact replica of Daniel Cook's show. It's a mystery, number one, how the producers of Emily's show can get away with that legally, unless both shows are produced by the same entity. It's also a shame, number two, that there seemingly has to be a gender counter-perspective offered on just about everything these days. When did it suddenly become offensive to be a boy, or display a boy's talent and role in a television or movie production? Even when you do see a boy, or boys on the screen these days, Hollywood's politically correct prototype almost always dictates that a girl, or girls balance out the scene - whether it makes any sense at all, or is even remotely integral to the plot. The last action film I saw (which I stopped watching after only 10 minutes, because it sincerely offended me as a white male) started off in the cockpit of an aircraft. The captain was a crude, dominating female (an off-putting, unattractive character at best), the co-pilot was a black guy, and the white guy was clearly some silly, irrelevant after-thought in a distant third seat in the back of the cockpit (irrelevant only if he was not deliberately placed in that role to project the image of a white man appearing inferior). Of course, that wasn't and isn't a realistic depiction of the way the world really is. It's Hollywood's indoctrination of what it thinks the world could and should look like. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against females, or minorities for that matter and this isn't a commentary on their value, or abilities. I'm married to a wonderful woman and I'm the proud parent of both genders, a couple of times over. It would just be nice to live in a world where everyone has an equal footing, including boys. Boys are precious, wonderful and unique. Boys are vastly different from girls, despite what Hollywood, feminists, the pop-psychology world and the politically correct would like us to believe. My Website is a resource and archive project dedicated to young boy celebrities. Again, nothing against girls, but there are plenty of resource and tribute sites out there devoted to young girl celebrities. My website, in part, is a little of that "equal footing" I mentioned previously. I happily intend to add Daniel Cook links to the appropriate pages of my site. As a footnote, I found it appalling to read some of the comments on Daniel Cook's IMDb page. A good many of them were insulting to Daniel Cook, while flattering to Emily. How anyone, especially an adult, could denigrate a small boy, in any way, is beyond understanding. Just another sorry example of the world we now live in.

Written by Boys On DVD on Aug 16, 2009

I'm just so sick and tired of this backlash against boys. I'm sick of my son being made to feel that being male is being nothing special. Let's see what all these little girls do when they grow up and want to live the princess life - get married and have a family. Let's see just how many little boys turned men-scorned make them realize JUST how important boys really are!

What the heck happened to equality? Oh, right... it's was MARKETED toward girls, not girls and boys EQUALLY!

Written by Rhonda on Nov 5, 2009

WOW!!! Don't be talking about my best friend like that. You DONT know her. I DO!!!!!! She is extremly nice and she chose not to do any more shows. So I think You should just keep your mouth shut.

Written by Emily on Jul 16, 2010

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