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Like a thief...

Written on September 19, 2005 by Kevin.

*Clears throat after talking too much like a pirate*

My wife and I had a baby shower thrown for us on Saturday and I am happy to say that we made off with some great loot. I feel like we robbed a baby store. I definitely want to thank everyone for coming to the party and for all of the wonderful gifts. I appreciate the fact that we really didn't get any super generic gifts and it seems that everyone really put thought into their gift choices. Without knowing our baby theme, everyone seemed to get us pooh bear items. While yes it is a bit overdone, there is a reason for that, its neutral and looks nice. We got all types of pooh bear related items including framed pictures, piggy banks and mobile. We got a couple great looking books which I look forward to reviewing and posting on the site for others to see. A couple toys as well will be reviewed and posted. The baby clothes that we received are great and with a wide variety of ages, its going to make our lives a lot easier when those days come. With the likely hood of spending hours and hours in a labor room, the gift that I myself will use the most often will be the sets of Legos that were given. How many creations can you make while your wife is in 24 hours of labor? Ill report back and let you all know. Anyways, thanks again everyone for coming and for the wonderful gifts, we really had a great time.

Debra, the food was great as well.


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