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Review: Olivia toys by SpinMaster

Written on September 23, 2010 by Kevin.

Olivia, the lovable pig, that has won numerous awards is going full steam ahead with their new television series. We have read a few of these books to our kids and they have loved them. They were really looking forward to the television series showing Olivia's bold personality and extraordinary imagination. With the new television series has come a new series of toys by Spinmaster. I was recently provided a few of these and both my wife and I were excited when the box came.

Olivia 2-in-1 Transforming Playset
This item really allows Kaitlyn to let her imagination run wild. This playset turns from a dollhouse(Olivia figure included) into a pirate ship. What a great way to allow both boys and girls to love this toy. While Rylan may not tell you he enjoys it, we have found him numerous times playing with his sister. This playset includes 23 accessories and a sticker sheet.

Olivia 8" Plush
If there is anything that Kaitlyn is missing on her bed, it had to be a pig plush toy. This has now been filled as we were provided an Olivia plush toy. This sturdy toy is just the right size to hold on to at night while Kaitlyn can dream about all of the things she could be doing with Olivia. Kaitlyn definitely enjoys this one a lot. Maybe for Christmas we will get her the rest of the collection which includes Olivia as an Artist, Opera Singer, Cow and Outfits.

Whether it be books, television shows or toys, Olivia definitely has been a winner for our family. The kids definitely enjoyed this review of the toys by Spinmaster and we thank TeamMom for allowing us this opportunity. Check out for additional information. These items can be found at stores such as Target or Toys 'R' Us.


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