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Review: Backyard Safari Outfitters products

Written on October 1, 2010 by Kevin.

Teammom has definitely come through again with a great set of products to review. Needless to say, Christmas came early in our house when we opened the package to see these great items. We immediately began wishing it wasn't so hot outside so that we could really use these samples to the best ability. We did however get to look at the detailed Pop-Up Field Guide that comes with each product. It is small enough to fit nearly into any pocket, especially in the vest. The full set of Backyard Safari Outfitters equipment allows explorers, as young as 5, all of the essential gear needed for scoping out all of the "wildlife" in your backyard.

Cargo Vest - $19.99
How can you go out into the outdoor safari without a vest on? This vest definitely sets the mood to a great day out. When Rylan pulled this out of the box he immediately ripped off the packaging and threw it on. We just need to get him a compass and a notebook and he is good to go.

Bug Vacuum - $24.99
This is the type of toy that most boys dream about. How can you safely pickup just about any bug without having to actually touch it? Heck this may be great for moms as well. The vacuum has enough sucking power that is perfect to grab a bug and deposit it into a clear area which you can closely examine without having to worry about getting "bug germs". This shouldn't even be called a toy, rather a necessity of male childhood but really even girls are going to find this one interesting.

Mega View Periscope - $19.99
Whether you use this periscope to look over a wall or under the water, this one is definitely going to be lots of fun. We explained this toy by having the kids sit behind the couch and use it to look over. They loved it. We hope to do some underwater viewing when the weather cools down. How great would it be to see some fish swimming by?

These items are available now at Toys 'R' Us, Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, and Target. For more information about Summit Toys and a complete list of Backyard Safari essential field gear, visit For the future, we definitely are looking at getting the Super Wide-View Mega Magnifier. We have tried that one at the store and the kids really enjoyed it.


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