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Wheres the remote?

Written on June 13, 2006 by Kevin.

Most people seem to have troubles from time to time trying to find their electronic remotes. People even go as far as buying devices that allow them to help find a hidden remote. Most of the time when we lose ours, its lost behind the couch cushion. The rest of the time, it is resting on top of the cushion in plain view of Rylan.

There is very little keeping Rylan away from a remote control. Once he locks on, he is dedicated to getting it. There is very little stopping him and his quest towards controller domination. What is the price of taking the remote away or even hiding it? A crying baby.

One of the things that I like to think makes Rylan like me is that he is attracted to electronics. When we flip open our laptop, he immediately wants to play on it. He has watched us use the laptop and key on it numerous times. He now wants to get his hands on the keys and type away. An enjoyable part of this is when I am at work and he sends me a nice instant message.

Were kids always so interested in computers/electronics or is this something that is happening now that they are in our lives so much? Something interesting to look into.


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