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Review: Shox Scooter & Shred Sled

Written on October 14, 2010 by Kevin.

Another top notch product review thanks to TeamMom. This has been a great month of reviews. This time around we have two reviews, one of which I got to sample.

Shox Scooter:
We have recently thought about buying the kids scooters for Christmas this year. We were thrilled to be offered the Shox Scooter for Rylan. This scooter is rated at 5+ years old. We opened this item for Rylan and excited him when we took it outside. This is the first active shock absorber scooter and Rylan loved it. This is is a great scooter that will grow with the kids rather than be pushed aside. This item has 3 handle adjustment and plenty of rough grip on the deck to ensure stability. The first ever shock absorber scooter allows for "bigger, better and more gravity defying tricks." Sure Rylan is not old enough for tricks just yet but at this point, just staying on is a trick in itself. Like most other scooters, this one folds up so that it's not taking up your entire closet. I don't know if Rylan would let me put it in the closet anyways. Rylan is still raving about this and it may trump any of his Christmas gifts in his mind. This retails for $59.99 and I suggest you find a retailer by visiting

Shred Sled:
I think this is one of the first reviews that I didn't have help from the kids. The Shred Sled is rated at 8+ year olds so I took the reigns on this one. First opinion was simply.. how in the world does this work? Sure there are instructions but trying to grip your mind around it is difficult in itself. It took me, a29 year old, about an hour to get it going in a straight path. This is definitely a looker of a product and as I am cruising down the sidewalk I get a lot of stares. Maybe that is because it's not everyday you see a father on a children's toy. Ultimately this is a rock solid product. It has gone through a battery of testing, learning and crashes. I would however be interested to see how an 8 year old would be able to ride this. I just can't see it turning out well. For now, I get to stroll around with Rylan while he rides the scooter. Don't be deterred, this is definitely a great product that I can definitely recommend to anyone looking for something more than a basic scooter. Anyone with previous experience with snowboard or surfing will definitely pick up on this more quickly. For more information take a look at, including how-to videos. This retails for $59.99 and is available nationwide at retailers or online at

* Riders should always wear protective safety gear when using the Shox Scooter or Shred Sled


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