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Review: Clic-it Diaper Bag System

Written on November 14, 2010 by Kevin.

This diaper bag is great!

My wife is not one to get too excited about any of the items that we receive to review (thats mine and the kids job) but this one definitely changed her. Welcome the Clic-it smart diaper bag system, a way for all mothers (and fathers) to better organize their diaper bags. Instead of having one bag with everything thrown in, you get to choose what parts of the system you want to use on that given day. The Clic-it system allows you to put your accessories exactly where you want them which allows you to always find what you are looking for. The days of looking for a loose pacifier in the bottom of the bag are gone. Here is how it works...

You purchase the messenger style diaper bag and then each accessory separately depending on what your needs are. Their accessories include a bottle holder, insulated tote, pacifier holder, diaper & wipes case, organizer pouch, gadget case, key ring and even a changing kit. Each of these items securely clip onto the diaper bag in whichever position you feel best with. How great is it that you don't have to waste valuable space in a bag with something like a bottle holder that will never be used?

What made my wife so excited about this was her discovery that it attached perfectly to our double wide stroller. She can securely keep it where she needs it and be able to insulate Kaitlyn's Epipen so that it doesn't become unusable. Gone are the days where we had to reach down under the stroller to grab small stuff like water bottles, Epipen or keys.

Without a doubt this has to be one of the best diaper bags currently on the market. They call it a diaper bag system and that couldn't be more spot on. It really does provide something for everyone and maybe best of all, its not super feminine. Dads won't have to be looking over their shoulder when they wear this one.

Thanks Team Mom and Clic-It for providing this review opportunity. You definitely made a big fan out of both of us.

Clic-It is kicking off their "Gearing Up for Baby" contest from November 15 - December 24. Log onto for details on how to enter for a chance to win a prize pack including a new Clic-It diaper bag and accessory assortment (retail value: $117.00).

Feel free to "like" Clic-It on Facebook as well.


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