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Written on November 15, 2010 by Kevin.

Does your daughter know who their real tooth fairy is? Kids have always known that when they lose a tooth, the tooth fairy comes to collect and offer up some money. No one has really known much about this mysterious tooth fairy but is changing all of that. In fact, did you know that there is more than one tooth fairy? has all of the scoop. was offered to us for review recently and we have spent the past couple of weeks checking it out. You begin the journey in the fairy Royal Castle Towers where you and your child (daughter) take a moment to create a login and customize an avatar. While the customization is thin, it gets the job done. The next step is to take the Royal Quiz which helps match her to their own personal tooth fairy.

A large focus for the site is the Kindness missions which you participate in activities such as giving a flower away, caring for a pet or helping wash the dishes. You earn tickets, ribbons and charms as you record each kindness done. Tickets can be turned in for online rewards and decorations for their personalized space. A kindness kit can be purchased which includes things such as ribbons, charm bracelet, kindness charms and two fairy gift bags. This would work great as an upcoming holiday gift. offers a series of Tooth Fairy related story books which we had fun reading to Kaitlyn. She enjoyed having us read them to her a few times over. These books retail for $19.99 on their website.

Did your daughter know that the real tooth fairies were in a band and had their own music studio? They currently offer 8 magical songs (99 cents per) for your daughter to dance and sing to. You can also check out their music videos, including lyrics, for free. Kaitlyn is a huge fan of catchy music and this definitely was a hit for her. The music videos kept her focused.

Overall, we all were really pleased with what TheRealToothFairies has to offer. It really is the total package when it comes to the tooth fairy. It is a great, safe website for children to go and have tons of fun. While this website is still in its infancy, it provides a lot of entertainment and with its expansion to hands on books and kindness kits, it really gives your daughter something to hold on to. Their kindness missions and magic letters really give your girl something to look forward to and believe in. If I had been searching the Internet and come across this website, it would have definitely peaked my interest. Sure, the VIP account does require a fee but even if you are not interested in that type of thing, the freebies are plenty. This site is definitely geared towards little girls but poking around and you will see mention of a Boys website as well. Unfortunately it is not up at this time. I am certain it will have as many great things as this one does.

TheRealToothFairies has offered a great prize pack valued at $75 which includes all the necessities to get a jump start in the magic world known as To enter, head over to and let us know which Fairy your daughter got paired up with. I will close the giveaway at the end of Friday the 19th. Good luck!

The winner chosen randomly was #13, Tina68. Congratulations! I hope your daughter enjoys the package.


Twinkle was my daughters fairy.

Written by Sandra on Nov 16, 2010

Stepella is really funny looking. Thanks for the opp.

Written by Mom.2.2 on Nov 16, 2010

My daughter was paired with Avalanne.

Written by Kristin on Nov 16, 2010

This site is great. I havent yet signed up but I love how Twinkle looks.

Written by FrankV on Nov 16, 2010

How fun. My daughter picked Triana which actually looks a bit like me.

Written by KarenWA on Nov 16, 2010

At work so I can't signup but definitely will when I return home. Stacey looks cute.

Written by Denise@WORK on Nov 16, 2010

Stacey was my daughters fairy.

Written by PilgrimPattie on Nov 17, 2010

My daughters got Brigitte and Triana.

Written by JessInNM on Nov 17, 2010


Written by MindWare on Nov 18, 2010

What a great website. Thanks.

Written by Angie on Nov 18, 2010

Sign me up! This looks awesome.

Written by Kellie on Nov 18, 2010

We came across this site recently but forgot to signup. Doing that right now. Twinkles looks so cute.

Written by Michelle Bauti on Nov 18, 2010

Brigitte is our favorite.

Written by Tina68 on Nov 18, 2010

Awesome awesome site for my daughter. Thanks so much.

Written by Jami on Nov 18, 2010


Written by Kendra on Nov 19, 2010

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